Parking Sponsors Pledge to Limit Technology Distractions

August 23, 2016

Every year, all members of the freshman class are asked to read the same book as a way to provide a common learning experience, and learn to uphold the Bearcat Bond and Just Community Principles. The university calls this the Common Read, and it is supported by the Center for First Year Experience and Learning Communities.

Many freshman courses will use this book as a learning tool throughout the academic year. Parking Services is helping to promote awareness of this year's book, A Deadly Wandering, by Matt Richtel, by sponsoring the Pledge to Limit Technology Distractions, and additional efforts throughout the year. Nearly 400 students have signed the pledge so far.

A Deadly Wandering is a true life account of how a fatal texting-and-driving accident touched the lives of the driver, the families of the victims, law enforcement, and influenced distracted driving legislation. It also weaves in the neuroscience of how our brains are distracted by technology, and are not built to manage all of the multi-tasking that is a part of our culture.

The Pledge to Limit Technology Distractions (the Pledge) was introduced via a handout in welcome bags distributed at Convocation on Aug. 19. Students were asked to bring the signed Pledge to the MainStreet booth at Taste of Uptown on Aug. 21 for a chance to win a free semester of Parking. 

Common Read activities will be promoted via social media using the hashtag #LookUpUC. Stay tuned for additional updates about Parking Services' involvement throughout the year.

Pledge friends

The Pledge to Limit Technology Distractions reads:

I (name) pledge to limit my technology distractions while driving, walking and studying so I can focus my attention on engaging in relationships and activities that support my learning. I further pledge to uphold the Bearcat Bond and Just Community Principles.

Reciprocity Guidelines

August 9, 2016

As the new academic year approaches, Parking Services would like to update you on guidelines and locations available when permit holders must travel between campuses (reciprocity).


  • Vehicle information must be updated in the Parking Services system. Out-of-date vehicle information may result in a citation. 
  • Available only when space permits.
  • Limited to 2 hours, 1 time per day between the hours of 8 a.m. – 3 p.m.
  • No time limit during other hours of operation.
  • No parking in reciprocity areas on the campus of your current permit.
  • Regional campus students who live on Uptown Campus and require parking must purchase an Uptown Campus permit. Reciprocity parking is available on UC Blue Ash and Clermont College campuses.
  • Evening permits are not eligible for reciprocity parking.
  • During special events, postings may be placed in the lots, indicating the need to use an alternate facility, when appropriate.
  • Reciprocity parking is NOT available on UC Football Game Days. Shuttles are available from the medical campus to the MLK and Woodside Drive intersection beginning 4 hours prior to game time. 

Uptown West Campus Locations

  • Alumni Lot when not reserved
  • Stratford Heights Lots

Medical Campus Locations

  • Panzeca Way behind Eden Avenue Garage

UC Blue Ash

  • Uptown Campus parking customers have reciprocity at UC Blue Ash.

UC Clermont

  • Uptown Campus parking customers have reciprocity at UC Clermont.