Let's Talk: Driving & Walking Distractions

Read what others are saying about this month's topic. Thank you for sharing your thoughtful comments and for considering how we can keep each other safer by removing distractions from our lives.

Have you walked into someone because you were focused on the YouTube video on your phone? Have you stepped out into traffic because you were having a conversation with a friend?

What about driving? Are you distracted by the GPS? Your pet?

Distractions while driving and walking can be dangerous. Join our campus-wide conversation and earn chances to win FREE PARKING!

The Pledge to Limit Technology Distractions was inspired by the 2016 freshman Common Read, A Deadly Wandering, by Matt Richtel. All UC students, faculty and staff are encouraged to take the pledge.

Join the 1900+ students, faculty and staff who have taken the pledge!


Giulia P. and Simon M. each won a $25 Starbucks gift card in our random drawing among those who have taken the pledge since October!


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November - How Dangerous are Certain Distractions?

Distractions are everywhere.

How do they affect you, or do you allow them to affect you? How dangerous are they? How does the danger compare to how likely you were to be distracted?

That's what our survey asked, on a scale of 1 (least) to 7 (most). This is what you said (average scores listed):


How likely
were you to?
How dangerous
is it?
Eat/drink   4.25 4.75
Call someone without using a hands-free device 3.39 5.41
Call someone while using a hands-free device
4 3.38
Turn around to speak to someone in the back of the car
1.77 6.1
Reach for somethoing in the back seat/floor/glove compartment, etc.
2.61 6.07
Text 2.74 6.62
Put on makeup/personal grooming 1.46 6.31
Have earbuds/headphones in 1.32 5.77
Change the radio station 5.33 3.33
Use a navigation device 5.21 3.49
Read 1.25 6.70


were you to?
How dangerous
is it?
Have earbuds/headphones in 3.77 3.48
Talk on the phone 4.71 3.05
Text 5.05 3.84
Read 2.24 4.27
Look for something in your purse/backpack 3.55 3.35
Daydream 3.95 3.32
Converse with friends 5.50 2.36