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Parking Services

Rates: Monthly / Semester


Facility Options
Faculty / Staff Student  
$104/month $468/semester CCM Garage or Varsity Village Garage or McMicken Drive Permit
Clifton Court Garage or Calhoun Garage or Kingsgate Garage or Victory Pkwy (Zone A)
$78/month $351/semester Woodside Garage or Campus Green Garage or Eden Avenue Garage (levels 1-7) or Stratford Garage
$52/month $234/semester University Garage or Corry Garage
$50/month $225/semester Stratford Lot
N/A $193.5/semester Eden Top
$43/month N/A GRI Lot or Lot 13 or Lot 16 or Lot 22
$22/month N/A Reading Road Lot or Winslow Lot



College of Law Student Rates
College of Medicine Student Rates
Facility Fall Semester
Spring Semester
Academic Year
Fall Semester Spring Semester
Academic Year
CCM Garage
$983 Eden Avenue Garage (Levels 1-7)
$351 $432
Calhoun Garage
Eden Top
$193.5 $245
Stratford Garage $351
$386.25 $737.25        
Corry Garage $234

Valid After 3 p.m. M-F & All day Sat./Sun. (unless events occur)
Evenings Decals (Students Only) Semester Summer
Half Term
Miscellaneous Fees
CCM Garage $234/semester $117/term





Clifton Court Garage $202.5/semester $101.25/term Lost Tickets $20 per ticket
Campus Green Garage, Woodside Garage $177/semester $88.5/term Motorcycle Decals $43/semester
Corry Garage $117/semester $58.5/term

Safe Zone Parking - 8:00 p.m. - 5:59 a.m. - $1.00 flat rate/period

(Monday through Sunday - Woodside and Eden Garage only)



                                                                             Lost/Stolen Replacement Rates
Monthly Cash Permit $15 Motorcycle Decal $15
Decal (Lots) $20 Value Card $15
Evening SP Permit $15 Three Tier Cash Permit $15
Special Parking Permit $15 Prox Card $50
                                                                                                 Other Fees
Replacement Decal $50 Returned Check $35
Vehicle Storage $10 per day
Lost/Stolen and Late Fee $50