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Parking Services

Rates: Monthly / Semester

Facility Rates
  Faculty / Staff Student
CCM Garage, Varsity Village Garage, and McMicken Decal $104/month $468/semester
Clifton Court Garage, Goodman Garage, Calhoun Garage, Zone "A" Designated spaces, Kingsgate Garage, and Victory Pkwy campus designated area holders $90/month $406.5/semester
Woodside Drive Garage, Campus Green Garage,
Eden Avenue Garage (levels 1-7),  Stratford Garage
$78/month $351/semester
University Garage, and Corry Garage $52/month $234/semester
Stratford Lot $50/month $225/semester
Eden Top N/A $193.5/semester
GRI Lot, Lot 13, Lot 16 & Lot 22 $43/month N/A
Reading Road Lot and Winslow Lot $22/month N/A


College of Law Student Rates
College of Medicine Student Rates
Facility Fall Semester
Spring Semester
Academic Year
Fall Semester Spring Semester
Academic Year
CCM Garage
$983 Eden Avenue Garage (Levels 1-7)
$351 $432
Calhoun Garage
Eden Top
$193.5 $245
Stratford Garage $351
$386.25 $737.25        
Corry Garage $234

Valid After 3 p.m. M-F & All day Sat./Sun. (unless events occur)
Evenings Decals (Students Only) Semester Summer
Half Term
Miscellaneous Fees
CCM Garage $234/semester $117/term





Clifton Court Garage $202.5/semester $101.25/term Lost Tickets $20 per ticket
Campus Green Garage, Woodside Garage $177/semester $88.5/term Motorcycle Decals $43/semester
Corry Garage $117/semester $58.5/term    
Safe Zone Parking   22:30-5:59       $1.00 flat rate/period
(Monday through Sunday - Woodside and Eden Garage only)


                                                                             Lost/Stolen Replacement Rates
Monthly Cash Permit $15 Motorcycle Decal $15
Decal (Lots) $20 Value Card $15
Evening SP Permit $15 Three Tier Cash Permit $15
Special Parking Permit $15 Prox Card $50
                                                                                                 Other Fees
Replacement Decal $50 Returned Check $35
Vehicle Storage $10 per day
Lost/Stolen and Late Fee $50