Advising Appointment Recommendations for Prospective Transfer Students


How do you best prepare for your advising appointment?


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1. Schedule an appointment

To get the best advising, please consider scheduling an appointment in advance.


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2. Visit Transferology

Create a FREE account with Transferology allows students to get information about course equivalencies, programs, courses, and degree audits among a number of participating institutions.


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3. Submit your transcript

Send any unofficial transcript(s) to your advisor at least 48 hours in advance of your appointment. This allows your advisor to adequately investigate your credits so that you have the most detailed information available.


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4. Find your program

Find your desired program(s) offered at UC. This program finder will provide you with admission criteria, curriculum requirements, and contact information for any major, minor, or certificate at UC.


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5. Stay in touch

Let your Pathways Advisor know which programs you are interested in pursuing. This will allow them to compare your coursework with the specific programs you are considering.


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6. Meet with your advisor

After completing the previous steps and using the resources outlined above, come to your advising appointment prepared with any remaining questions.


What can you expect during your advising appointment?

Your advisor will:

  • provide an unofficial evaluation* of your college transcript(s)
  • apply your transfer credits to the UC program(s) you are interested in pursuing
  • provide estimated coursework remaining for your degree

*You will receive an official credit evaluation from UC after you have completed your application. Please note that there may be some adjustments in your official credit evaluation compared to the unofficial evaluation that Pathway provides.