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Being active on campus and in the community is essential to student learning and development. Research shows that students who are involved outside the classroom are more likely to stay in college and often see greater success within their studies.

Below are student organizations that many pre-professional students are involved in.

To learn more about UC clubs and student organizations, visit Student Activities & Leadership Developement (SALD). 

Pre-Health Student Organizations

Alpha Epsilon Delta (AED)

This organization is the national Health Pre-Professional Honor Society for pre-health students. UC's chapter—Ohio Lambda, was installed in 2002. AED encourages students to come together, promotes their positive, production interaction, facilitates communication and empowers students to make better-informed decisions in pursuit of professions in healthcare. Although admission to AED is selective, meetings are open to all UC students with an interest in pursuing a career in health care.


Caducea Pre-Medical Society

The purpose of Caducea shall be to provide pertinent and useful information to students interested in medicine, to stimulate an appreciation of the importance of pre-medical education in the study of medicine, to encourage excellence in premedical scholarship, to promote cooperation between medical students, premedical students, students in allied health fields, and educators, and to bind together similarly interested students. This shall be accomplished by means of scholastic, advisory, and educational programs.

Eye of Africa

To build awareness and help bring about an understanding of two pressing conditions in Africa, Childhood blindness and Aids related destitution. To engage the youth of the university to generate resources to address the problems associated with childhood blindness and destitution due to AIDS. To create, develop and manage community service activities to address these issues while working alongside service organizations such as Soteni and Kilimanjaro Blind trust foundation, and Village Outreach *to learn more about the situation in Africa and its’ impact on the rest of the world. *Kilimanjaro Blind Trust Foundation is the brain child of Paul Polman Alumni of University of Cincinnati and commencement speaker 2009.



The mission of GlobeMed to connect the assets of a student-led network to grassroots health organizations working in communities around the world. By inspiring and training university students to mobilize resources for global health, we seek to build a movement fighting for a more sustainable and secure world. Our vision is to build a world where all people have the opportunity to live a healthy life. GlobeMed at the University of Cincinnati exists to promote partnership with Social Action for Women in Mae Sot, Thailand. SAW provides basic health care and access to education and sustainable work for the Burmese migrant workers living in Thailand.


Global Public Health Brigades

Through the national Global Brigades organizations, our chapter will strive to increase the quality of life of impoverished Hondurans. This will be accomplished through trips to Honduras (i.e. “brigades) consisting of active student members. The quality of life will be improved through construction projects involving access to clean water, installation of properly-ventilated, economically-friendly stoves, the construction of latrines, showers, and concrete floors. The club will also foster public health education through formal educational events held at schools within the communities being served.



Healthcats is a student organization that uses dynamic presentations to teach children about what happens at a doctor's visit so that they will have less anxiety when visiting their physicians. The group also participates in many local volunteer events and holds presentations at our own meetings on current topics in health.


MAPS: Minority Association of Pre-Medical Students

MAPS is targeted towards undergraduate pre-medical students. Through a partnership between local SNMA chapters and undergraduate pre-medical students, the MAPS program aims to increase the matriculation of underrepresented students into health related professions and programs through several avenues. The partnership primarily serves as an academic support system in that it provides information on how undergraduates may establish themselves as competitive candidates for medical school early in their undergraduate career. Moreover, the MAPS program gears undergraduates towards the development of skills and thought processes necessary for physicians who are competent intellectually, culturally, and socially. 


Pre-Pharmacy Student Society

The purpose of the Pre-Pharmacy Student Society is to prepare Pre-Pharmacy students for entrance into the College of Pharmacy by: (1) Connecting Pre-Pharmacy students to Pharmacy students (2) Making Pre-Pharmacy students aware of beneficial opportunities, events, and activities (3) Helping gain knowledge that will assist Pre-Pharmacy students apply to the College of Pharmacy.


Pre-Veterinary Society

The purpose of this organization is to unite all Pre-Veterinary students who attend the University of Cincinnati through meetings and activities such as volunteering, fostering, pet therapy and shadowing veterinarians. Along with unity, the other purpose is to help each other gain experience in animal handling and learn about various veterinary schools in the US. The main goal is so that they are furthered prepared when applying to graduate school in the near future.


Rise - UC Chapter

RISE -- University of Cincinnati Chapter is an organization that works with RISE, a non-profit organization that works to support acid attack survivors around the world by raising funds, supporting their medical needs, providing vocational training, connecting them with support groups and so much more. The student organization works to raise awareness and funds as well as develop a long-term project to sustainably support acid attack survivors alongside our partner organizations in Uganda, India, and Nepal. We are an interdisciplinary organization with the mission to activate the potential of individuals, both acid attack survivors and activists. We see the importance of every individual and want each member to RISE as they help acid attack survivors around the world RISE.


Student Association of Pre-Physician Assistants

An academic organization for those interested in becoming Physician Assistants (PA). Designed to spread awareness and knowledge about this field.


T.O.O.T.H. The Oral Organization Toward Health

The purpose of T.O.O.T.H is to raise awareness of the importance of oral health and to prepare students for future endeavors in the dental field through speakers, volunteering, and social events.

To Write Love on Her Arms

To Write Love on Her Arms is a non-profit movement dedicated to presenting hope and finding help for people struggling with depression, addiction, self-injury, and suicide. TWLOHA exists to encourage, inform, inspire and also invest directly into treatment and recovery. Through organized meetings and events, the University of Cincinnati chapter of TWLOHA will serve as a voice of hope, inspiration, and support for students and their surrounding communities.


UC Health Sciences Club

The purpose of Health Sciences Club is to offer a multitude of service opportunities for members that look to impact the Cincinnati community. The club also aims to educate its members on possible graduate school options by bringing in representatives from different universities to talk about their graduate programs.

UC Medical Ethics Society

UCMES is a student organization that aims to host guest speakers, promote experiential learning opportunities, and facilitate student-led group discussions on topics relating to medical and healthcare ethics. Past discussions and guest speakers have focused on End-Of-Life care, Physician-assisted suicide, Overutilization, medical malpractice, patient advocacy and more. 


UC-Society for Advancing Hispanics/Chicanos & Native Americans in Science (SACNAS)

SACNAS is a society of scientists dedicated to fostering the success of Chicano/Hispanic and Native American scientists. One of the primary purposes is to provide a forum for students from different science majors and science related majors to come together for academic, community service and social activities at the University of Cincinnati.

Pre-Law Student Organizations

Pre-Law Club

The Pre-Law Club exists for all University of Cincinnati students who are interested in the legal profession. The Pre-Law Club helps students understand the legal profession, the various duties and responsibilities held by those in the field, the process of applying to law school and preparation for the Law School Admission Test (LSAT). The Pre-Law Club offers students the ability to tour local law schools, speak with current law students and their professors, law school alumni, meet other students with similar interests, and develop leadership skills that will be an asset in law school and the legal field.


The Ohio Innocence Project University

The Ohio Innocence Project University is a collegiate organization linked to The Ohio Innocence Project that seeks justice for wrongfully convicted offenders. Our objective is to spread awareness and educate others about wrongful convictions


UC Mock Trial Team

The University of Cincinnati Mock Trial Team has been competing on a national level since the 1992-93 season. UC has a proud tradition of excellence which includes having at least one team qualify for a national competition in every year of its existence. While remaining competitive, UC Mock Trial strives to give its students the opportunity to learn firsthand the work of trial attorneys, gain a better understanding of the judicial system, develop critical thinking skills, enhance communication skills, and prepare those who will go on to law school. 


Undergraduate Student Government 

Undergraduate Student Government is the official representative of all undergraduate students attending the University of Cincinnati.

OneUC is a vision to manifest unity, equity, and inclusion at the University of Cincinnati. This effort will be fostered through oneCommunity, oneStudentBody, and oneBearcat. OneUC brings members of the UC collective together by emphasizing a common bond and promoting necessary opportunities to celebrate differences amongst the UC community.

Visit the Student Government website.