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Letters of Recommendation-Information & Forms for Medical School Applicants

Information for students applying to health professions programs for fall 2017

Health Professions School Application Workshop

This workshop is REQUIRED if you are interested in the PPAC managing your Letters of Recommendation.

Students applying to a professional health program-medicine, dentistry, optometry, veterinary medicine, podiatry or physician assistant for fall 2017 should attend a Health Application Workshop.

(Pre-pharmacy students, contact your pre-pharmacy advisor for workshop requirements).

Click Here for upcoming Health Application Workshops

Letter of Recommendation Documents

Letter of Recommendation Form

  • Click the first PDF to the right to access the Letter of Recommendation Form. This form is to be given to your recommender(s) to include with letter of recommendation.

Letter Submission Form 

  • Click the second PDF to the right to access the Letter Submission Form. This form directs where PPAC will send your letter packet. There are two pages to this form.
  • You may email this form from your UC email account  Alternatively, you may deliver it to 120 University Pavilion.

The PPAC uses AMCAS Letter Service and VirtualEvals to process Letter of Recommendation Packets. 

  • Note to students applying to MD programs: If you plan to use the PPAC Letter Service (to have your recommendations submitted by us to your designated medical schools), please remember to select the "Letter Packet" option in the Letters of Evaluation section of your AMCAS application. If you believe that it is necessary to customize your letters for particular schools, please schedule an appointment with a PPAC advisor to discuss this process.


Letter of Recommendation Forms are to accompany each submitted letter of recommendation by Wednesday, June 29, 2016. The sooner your letters are submitted to our office, the more efficiently we can move them through to AMCAS.

Letter Service Form:  Please submit this form only once you know that all of your letters of recommendation have been received at the PPAC.