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University of Cincinnati Law School Fair


2016 Law School Fair 

Monday, October 10, 2016  11 am-2pm

Tangeman University Center, University of Cincinnati

Student FAQ's

Is there a dress code?  No dress code, but dress appropriately and presentable since you will have the opportunity to speak with law school representatives.

Do I have to register to attend the fair?  No! The fair is ongoing, starting at 11 a.m. and ending at 2 p.m. 

Making the most of the University of Cincinnati Law School Fair

  • Visit as many schools as your time allows (but be flexible in the order you visit them).
  • Don’t limit your table stops – and therefore conversations – to the schools you already know about or are already at the top of your list. 
  • Law schools across the country are as different as UC is from Xavier is from NKU. They are also quite different than the undergraduate school if part of a larger university, and may even be on a campus separate from the undergraduate students. What you think you know may be quite different than the reality that awaits. 
  • Consider the fact that there are more than 200 law schools around the country and they will vary in:
    • Academic strengths and ability to take elective courses
    • Applicant pool – in-state, regional, national; backgrounds and activities
    • School setting – stand-alone or part of a university; or urban, suburban or rural
    • Academic support services, library and electronic resources, fitness facilities
    • Housing options – on-campus, off-campus but nearby or away from campus
    • Costs – sticker costs compared to the amount of scholarship aid available
    • Board passage rates, and the nature of school-sponsored preparation
    • Career services – the list of recent graduate destinations and the alumni network
  • Ask questions! Law school admission representatives would much rather engage you in conversation about your particular interests and how their school may be able to meet your desires, than talk about readily available information. Suggested questions can be found on the other side of this worksheet.

  • If you are still looking for some hints for specific questions to ask, consider:
    • GPA and LSAT – Don’t ask about minimums. No recruiter likes to talk about minimums because catalog-published minimums are nowhere near the class averages or the scores preferred by the admissions committee. Basic information about GPAs and LSAT scores can found on the Law School Admission Council’s website ( and other online sources and guidebooks (some available in the UC Pre-Professional Advising Center). If you want to ask questions about GPA and LSAT, consider asking:      
      • Is one valued more than the other? How important are they?
      • Is the highest LSAT score used, or an average (if taken multiple times)?
      • What is the average and range of grades and scores for this year’s class?
    • Personal factors It’s not just about grades and test scores. Consider asking:
      • How much weight is given to the personal statement? To recommendations?
      • What makes letters of recommendation valuable? What kind of letters stand out?
      • What clichés should be avoided in the personal statement?
      • How can you articulate special or unique circumstances (working full-time, coming back to school for a career change) to the admissions committee?
    • Curriculum Programs, focus and electives can vary. Consider asking: 
      • Is the program practical or more theoretical in its approach?
      • How are classes taught the first year, and then beyond the first year?
      • When do out of class experiences start?
      • When do students start to choose elective classes beyond the core?
      • How much guidance is there in exploring different interest areas?
      • What clinical programs are available? How competitive are they?
    • Financial Aid The cost to attend law school goes beyond tuition. Consider asking:
      • How much scholarship money and institutional aid is available?
      • What is the balance between need-based and merit-based aid?
      • How many students maintain their scholarships beyond year one?
      • What is the average cost of attendance over three years?
      • Are there paid opportunities for summer jobs within or through the school?
      • What kinds of loan repayment or loan forgiveness programs are available?
    • Student Body – Because you will spend more time with law school classmates than your undergraduate classmates, who they are (and how you will fit in) is important. Consider asking:         
      • What undergraduate schools and/or states are most represented?
      • What is the gender, racial and/or ethnic, and socio-economic backgrounds?
      • How competitive or collaborative are students with each other?
      • Are students ranked against each other? What factors are used?
    • Special questions – Are there key questions you want to be sure to ask? Jot them downso you don’t forget.

Questions? Contact us at 513-556-2166 or

Driving Directions and Parking

University of Cincinnati is located at 2600 Clifton Ave. Cincinnati, OH 45221. 

Click here for driving directions to UC Uptown West Campus

Recommended parking is in the CCM Garage.

Click here for driving directions to the CCM Garage, located at 270 CCM Blvd. 

Law School Fair

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