Pre-Law Resources

UC Resources

  • UC Accessibility Resources
    • The Accessibility Resources (AR) Office at UC is dedicated to empowering students with disabilities through the delivery of reasonable accommodations and support services by bridging post-secondary education with future real-world experiences.
    • Students can work with AR for assistance with receiving accomodated LSAT testing  


UC Student Organizations


General Resources



Check out our LSAT resource web page for a list of possible preparation resources. The PPAC does not endorse a particular product. You are encouraged to speak to a pre-professional advisor about your LSAT study options.  


Career Exploration

  • How to practice safe networking - Whether you are connecting with an alum, a potential employer or a friend of a friend, it's important to take safety precautions when meeting someone new. "Networking up" creates a power dynamic that can at times be difficult to navigate. Consider these tips and advice to help keep you safe.
  • Summer Work Experience in Law (SWEL) program - Cincinnati Legal internship program geared toward underrepresented minority students interested in law school and a legal career
  • Should You Really Be a Lawyer? by Deborah Schneider & Gary Belsky
  • Read! There are dozens and dozens of books addressing legal topics, legal specialities, law school, etc. Search for books at the UC libraries.


Financial Aid


J.D. Advantage Careers

What is a JD advantage career? In recent years, the term of art “J.D. advantage” was coined to describe careers that don’t require a license to practice law but for which applicants would be greatly advantaged in the job search process if they’ve earned a J.D. These nontraditional law careers span across the public and private sectors and touch on almost all industries involved in the job search today. Learn more from, as well as the American Bar Association for Law Students.