University of Cincinnati Office of the President

University of Cincinnati Office of the President

Statement on Civility

September 19, 2013

The University of Cincinnati is committed to maintaining an environment where open, vigorous debate and free speech can occur. Free speech is an essential prerequisite of academic freedom. The University is equally committed to the Principles of a Just Community, including a commitment to practice civility as we engage in discourse.

Recently, an anonymous caricature about the administration of the McMicken College of Arts & Sciences has crossed the boundaries of civility on this campus. Although disagreement and debate lie at the heart of scholarly inquiry, this crude attack is an affront to the principle of justice that is central to a learning environment offering everyone an equal opportunity to contribute and flourish.

Please join us in reaffirming our collective commitment to civil discourse and respectful behavior by extending to everyone in this community the same respect, cooperation and caring that we, ourselves, expect.

Santa J. Ono, President
Beverly Davenport, Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs & Provost
Bleuzette Marshall, Interim Chief Diversity Officer
Richard Miller, Chair of Faculty Senate
Ayca Mazman, President of Graduate Student Government Association
Joe Blizzard, President of Student Government
Council of Deans