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Integrated Design Making (IDM): 

The process by which university policy decisions are reviewed and acted upon, in accordance with University Rules and Policy 1.12.1 -- Formulation and Issuance of University Policies (

Integrated Decision Making Committees include:

University Academic Committee (AC)

Charged to review and recommend newly-proposed academic policies, procedures, and programs to the Provost that impact the university’s teaching, research, and service missions; responsible for making recommendations to the Provost regarding the university’s academic priorities and monitoring of re-accreditation visits by the Higher Learning Commission of NCA.


University Budget Committee (BC)

Charged to review and recommend budgetary and fiscal plans, policies, and procedures that impact the university’s teaching, research, and service mission as well as its overall financial health; provides oversight of the budget planning process and supports  the Provost, President and Board of Trustees on fiscal matters that impact the university’s mission. 


Academic Operations Committee (AOC)

Advises the Provost on recommendations from the Academic Committee (AC) and informs decisions concerning academic funding priorities and academic support services; its primary responsibility is the advancement of the university’s teaching, research, and service missions through strategic academic budgeting, effective utilization of resources and effective enrollment management.


Faculty Senate

The university faculty, organized under and pursuant to Rule 3361:50-3-01 of the Administrative Code, considers matters affecting the university and makes available to the provost, president and the Board of Trustees its aid, advice, and counsel.


Executive Committee:

Serves as the principal advisory body to the President of the university.



Shares information among senior leadership and provides input to the President.