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Athletics Advisory Council

Committee Name: Athletics Advisory Council (AAC)
Advisory to: Director of Athletics

The Athletics Advisory Council advises the president and athletics director on all matters relating to intercollegiate athletics to insure the alignment of intercollegiate athletics with the values and goals of the University of Cincinnati. Specific responsibilities include:

► To promote an understanding of intercollegiate athletics among all members of the university community.

► To foster a clear commitment to academic integrity within the athletic program.

 ► To ensure the commitment to the student athlete in all athletic activities.

►  To provide counsel to the president, Board of Trustees, director of athletics and Faculty Senate concerning matters of athletic policy and strategy formation, fiscal and facilities planning, educational programming, staff development and athletic scheduling.

► To provide counsel to the faculty athletics' representative.

►To provide a communication link between athletics and the faculty (including Faculty Senate), the trustees and the broader university community.


Eleven voting members, six of them from faculty/academic administration in the colleges:

► Chair,  Vice Provost for Undergraduate Affairs

► The faculty athletics' representative

► Four tenured faculty (in addition to dean and FAR); at least one representing the Faculty Senate (Preference to faculty with undergraduate teaching responsibilities)

► Two students, the presidents of the Undergraduate Student Government and the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee

► Two alumni, one representing UC Alumni Association and one representing UCATS

► One Student Affairs representative (normally a senior administrator involved with enrollment management, admissions, financial aid)

► Alternates should be identified to serve as back-ups

Five ex officio members

► Three athletics department representatives; normally the director of athletics, the deputy director of athletics and the senior women’s administrator

► Vice President for Student Affairs

► President’s Office liaison

Members of the council will be selected/appointed by the president, except those who are there by virtue of their position.

Meeting Schedule: Five meetings per year
Contact: Beth Hussey,