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How to submit an IDM Proposal

Proposals proceeding to AC or BC, must meet one or more of the following criteria:
  • Influence university policy and mission broadly
  • Affect more than 1 college or unit
  • Affect academic policies, procedures, and programs that impact the university’s teaching, research, and service missions
  • Affect the university’s academic priorities or alignment with HLC accreditation
  • Affect budgetary and fiscal plans, policies, and procedures that impact the university’s teaching, research, and service mission as well as its overall financial health
  • Affect the budget planning process or a fiscal matter that impacts the university's mission


Submit a Proposal
Before submitting a proposal, please:
  1. Determine whether your proposal, project, recommendation, etc. meets one or more of the criteria listed above
  2. Confirm that the proposal has been thoroughly researched, benchmarked, and vetted
  3. Clarify how the proposal aligns with goals of UC2019 or advances the university's mission
  4. Complete IDM Proposal Submission Form and attach appropriate documentation, such as: budget, budget justification, and timetable for implementation

Examples of propoals for AC:

  • New degree or certificate programs (including changes to these programs)
  • Proposals for eCurriculum, degree program assessment plans
  • University-wide policies that affect faculty, students, or academic degree programs

Examples of proposals for BC:

  • Proposals for new general funds allocations and for new special fees
  • New financial policies that affect the university at large



After a proposal is submitted to the AC/BC via the Submission Form:

  1. The sponsoring group and primary contact submitting the proposal will receive a confirmation e-mail.
  2. The proposal will flow through each applicable step of the Integrated Decision-Making model and will be documented in the tracking log.
  3. After the proposal has been approved, the proposal will be archived by the respective IDM number located in the Tracking Log.


If you have any questions, please e-mail:,, or