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UC Prof Creates iPhone Application Resulting from Personal ‘To Do’ List

David Kuschner’s idea resulted from a question that we often ask ourselves: Did I call my mother today?

Date: 1/11/2010
By: Dawn Fuller
Phone: (513) 556-1823
Photos By: Lisa Ventre
David Kuschner is an associate professor in the early childhood education program at the University of Cincinnati. He has presented and published research relating to how children’s play impacts their learning.
David Kuschner
David Kuschner

Juggling a schedule filled with teaching, research and family responsibilities here in Cincinnati, he says a nagging question led to his creation of an application for iPhones and iPod touch media players. The question was, “Did I call my mother?”

Kuschner’s mental reminders to check on his 93-year-old mother in Florida resulted in a partnership with T.J. Corcoran, a software developer who earned his master’s degree in early childhood education from UC and is now a student in UC’s College of Law. The partnership resulted in the “Did I?” goal-planning application that can be downloaded on the iPhone or iPod Touch.

The application is offered through Apple Computer’s iTunes Store and is listed in the productivity category.


“It really came about because there are things in life that we know we should be doing, but we don’t do them,” explains Kuschner. “We know that we’re supposed to floss every day. We know we’re supposed to eat enough fruits and vegetables. We know we’re supposed to drink enough water. And I know I’m supposed to call my 93-year-old mother and since I have a back issue, I should be doing my stretching exercises. So, that’s where the title came from.”

Starter categories on the application include personal development, health and fitness, professional development, relationships and spirituality. Within each category, the user sets up what he or she wants to accomplish and the app keeps a record of what was accomplished and what still needs to be checked off. “At the end of the day, you can review and decide if you need to do more or less,” says Kuschner.

Kuschner jokes that this side business project, at 99 cents a download, won’t lead to any concerns about leaving his day job. “It’s not the kind of app that will make anyone a fortune, but it has paid back our investment in developing it,” he says. “We billed it as a very simple but powerful application. It shouldn’t be about what the application does, but it should be about what you do. If the app helps you do what you want to do, then it’s a successful application.”