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Her Life in Ruins: Classics Student Goes Abroad to Study Ancient Greece

Ann Marie Maly was the only UC student to participate in the College Year in Athens summer program.

Date: 10/11/2010
By: Kim Burdett
Phone: (513) 556-8577
Photos By: Ann Marie Maly
In sixth grade Ann Marie Maly learned about the lives of ancient Egyptians. Enamored with Egyptian art and mythology, Maly turned to the internet and library to independently research the ancient culture.

Ann Marie Maly.
Ann Marie Maly, a classical civilization major, went to Greece over the summer.

So when she arrived at the University of Cincinnati as a fine arts major in the College of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning, she signed up to take an elective mythology course in the Department of Classics. She enjoyed Professor Kathleen Lynch’s class so much, Maly immediately decided to minor in classical civilization.

Ann Marie Maly.
Maly, seen here at the entrance of Phaistos, visited Crete, Attica, the Peloponnese and central Greece on her trip.

“I loved it so much as a minor that I decided to do a dual degree in art history and classical civilization,” Maly says. “I just love the art and achievements of ancient civilizations, and how mythology and literature connects with our world today.”

She was able to observe that connection firsthand this summer when she participated in the College Year in Athens summer program. Visiting Crete, Attica, the Peloponnese and central Greece, Maly learned about ancient culture while simultaneously earning college credit in a course titled “The Archaeology of Greece: From Palace to City-State.”

“Ann Marie’s enthusiasm and interest in ancient Greek culture made her a perfect applicant for the CYA program,” says Professor Lynch. “I think she’s taken just about every Greek archaeology course I have taught during her years at UC, but sitting in a dark room in Cincinnati looking at PowerPoint is no match for visiting archaeological sites and having lectures right there.”

Maly agrees. “It’s just amazing to see all of it in real life because you get such a different perspective of it. When I was walking up the main pathway to the Acropolis and I saw the main building, I got goose bumps. It’s something I love and know so much about. It was amazing to see it in person.”

While Maly plans to graduate next December with both degrees and a teaching certificate, she hopes to finish another study abroad before her time at UC is up.

“If anyone at UC wants to study abroad, they should go for it,” Maly urges. “Don’t let money or being scared of not knowing anyone or being in a foreign country stop you. It really is something you’ll never experience in the classroom.”

To see what study abroad opportunities are available for A&S students, visit the UC International Programs website.

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