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Beauty Industry Leader Frederic Holzberger to be Honored at UC Fashion Show

Long-time DAAP supporter and partner Frederic Holzberger, a nationally recognized beauty industry leader and entrepreneur, will be the honoree at UCís 61st Annual Fashion Show to be held June 8.

Date: 5/24/2012
By: M.B. Reilly
Phone: (513) 556-1824
Photos By: Provided by Frederic Holzberger
For years, businessman Frederic Holzberger, founder and chief executive officer of the Aveda Fredricís Institute (AFI), and co-founder with his family of the Holzberger Family Humanitarian Foundation, has worked behind the scenes at the University of Cincinnatiís annual fashion show and within UCís nationally ranked fashion program.
But this year during the June 8 fashion show, he will be up on stage as the eventís honoree in recognition for his partnerships with UCís College of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning (DAAP) Ė including support for scholarships and design summer camps for emerging design students as well as encouragement of environmentally sensitive design Ė not to mention the leadership and ongoing support by Aveda Fredricís Institute students and staff in contributing the professional-level hair and make-up for the show.
Frederic Holzberger
UC fashion show honoree Frederic Holzberger.

Margaret Voelker-Ferrier, coordinator of UCís fashion program, said, ďThanking Frederic for his years of support during the fashion show was the most fitting way we could think of to express our respect for him as a leading professional in the field and our appreciation of how heís contributed to the program for years, helping us to gain and grow in national stature.Ē
Holzberger points out that throughout his business career Ė which previously included his leadership of Fredricís Corporation, a distribution/education partner of Aveda Corporation Ė itís always made perfect sense for him to partner with DAAP.
ďFor instance,Ē he says, ďThe students focusing on hair and make up at our institute will be working professionally with fashion designers in the industry. It only makes sense for them to work together now while students. In fact, a couple of Aveda Fredricís Institute students have graduated our Cosmetology program and gone to DAAP and vice versa.Ē
In the case of UCís fashion show, Holzbergerís team of students and staff will set up and begin prep more than six hours prior to the show to complete hair and make up for the hundreds of fashion models in the show.

Because, he adds, ďThatís how it works in the profession as well. Hair and make up for the Academy Awards begins early morning the day of the event to be on the red carpet by 3 p.m. PST.Ē

And itís well worth it for the synergy that the DAAP students and the institute students develop: ďUC design is recognized as the best, and the fashion show is likewise recognized as the best. Students in our school are consistently national finalists in the most prestigious hair dressing competitions in North America. And so, a partnership between the schools is head-to-toe synergy. That serves my personal and professional goals to develop future leaders in the world of fashion, health and beauty. I want to produce leaders, not followers.Ē
Holzberger also looks to benefit the wider community beyond UC by means of his philanthropy and educational leadership. For instance, he is the founder of Project Daymaker, a salon-on-wheels that traveled to social service organizations and shelters to donate hair and beauty services to the homeless in Cincinnati. Itís estimated that the effort has served over 10,000 people.
He and his familyís foundation routinely support Habitat for Humanity; Big Brothers, Big Sisters; Junior Achievement, Dress for Success and many other organizations in the region.
In addition, he supports fashion scholarships and fashion programs throughout the region, with a special focus on environmentally sensitive design in terms of materials used, design innovation and sourcing.
And despite his long-term, demonstrated leadership, Holzberger states that he was ďtotally speechless with delightĒ when he learned he would be the 2012 fashion show honoree: ďItís the ultimate for me, probably because I had no expectation it was coming. I believe itís proof that if you do things for the right reason, good things will come. And, for me, recognition from the wonderful people Iíve worked with at DAAP is beyond good. Itís the best.Ē