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Pride Multiplied = UC Alum, Parent, and Program Director Establishes Scholarship for Deserving Students

Ruth Seiple feels ‘incredibly blessed’ to give something back, after more than two decades at the Lindner College of Business.

Date: 1/17/2013 10:00:00 AM
By: Tim Russell
Ruth Seiple’s most effective recruiting tool may be her own office door.

Adorning the entrance to her workspace are dozens of photos – both of businesses and factories in the region – as well as international destinations like France, Germany, and China. They represent just some of the places that students in the Operations Management (OM) and Industrial Management (IM) programs Seiple directs can visit and study during their time at the Carl H. Lindner College of Business.

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Great Wall of China
Ruth and a student at the Great Wall of China

“I started putting up the photos in part,” says Seiple, “because I would have potential students (from this area) visit and say to me, ‘Well, I really want to leave Cincinnati for college.’ So this was my way of showing them by coming here, that they had all sorts of opportunities for travel or co-op assignments.”

Seiple is the perfect person to tout the benefits of UC’s Industrial and Operations Management programs to today’s students. After all, it wasn’t too long ago that she was in their shoes. As an IM student at UC in the mid 1980s, her work with an electronics distribution company led to a full time job offer, and what she assumed would be a career in industry.

Yet, when her company expanded and moved operations overseas, Seiple’s former professors invited her back to give teaching a try. Over time, Seiple and many others forged connections with area businesses that depended on UC co-ops and graduates – as well as companies farther away with similar needs. Today, those connections are among the strongest selling points of the programs, along with the ability to study abroad and gain experience in a variety of global settings.

Ruth at the Great Wall last summer

“My time here as an educator has shown me that our students are very hungry and determined to succeed,” Seiple continues, “even when some of them scrape by, juggling school and work. I have always admired them for that, and it has been a goal of mine to give back and make an impact myself when the time was right.”

Seiple and her husband decided to create a scholarship for the Operations Management and Industrial Management programs. Aside from providing assistance to hardworking students, their mutual appreciation for UC was a significant motivation behind the couple’s support.
“This is a special place for me and my family,” Seiple says. “After all, UC is where I earned two degrees, where my career unfolded, and where I was very fortunate to put two kids through college, thanks to the tuition remission. We are showing our gratitude for what we have been given while also helping students who deserve it.”

While their initial gift created the scholarship, Seiple continues to leverage it by asking the businesses that hire co-ops and graduates to consider donating as well. “It certainly helps when you can go to them and show that you are also a donor.”

Specifically, the scholarship that Seiple and her husband established supports a student enrolled in the Lindner College of Business’ Marvin P. Kolodzik Business Scholars Program, which combines rigorous and flexible academic coursework with enhanced leadership and global opportunities.

To learn more about supporting the Kolodzik Business Scholars program, and other programs at the Lindner College of Business, click here.

Just as Seiple noticed parallels between herself and students today, program founder Marvin Kolodzik was motivated to give for the same reason.

Marvin Kolodzik
Marvin Kolodzik

“I saw some of myself in the students applying for entry into the Lindner College of Business,” Kolodzik says. “They were very bright students, some first in the family to attend college, and they had the potential to bloom and succeed with the benefits of a defined Honors Program that also provided them with significant scholarship support.”

And though the size and scope of their gifts were different, Seiple and Kolodzik agree on this: giving back pays back.

“Meeting dedicated and smart young people that have a lot of drive and ambition makes it all worthwhile,” Kolodzik says.

Congratulations to Marvin Kolodzik, who is being recognized with the Distinguished Service Award at the Lindner College of Business’ 28th Annual Cincinnati Business Achievement Awards on Wednesday, February 20.