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Fashion Design Senior Laces Up for Her Capstone Collection

Loungewear and lingerie integrating lace as well as dramatic jewelry from the early 1900s comprise the senior collection of student Emily Battisti. The collection will be part of UCís April 26 fashion show.

Date: 4/25/2013
By: M.B. Reilly
Phone: (513) 556-1824
Photos By: Lisa Ventre
Loungewear and lingerie designs by University of Cincinnati fashion design senior Emily Battisti look back to another century for detailing and inspiration.

Those details include long, opera-length, off-white gloves as well as ornamentation or jewelry that dates back nearly a century.

For instance, Battisti, 23, of Centerville, integrates an antique gold zipper as well as two early 20th century leaf-shaped closures in one lingerie ensemble featuring a short cape and bustier.
UC designer and model
UC's Emily Battisti and one of her models, Amanda Pompoco.

Other ensembles in her senior collection include
  • An off-white, lace slip dress that incorporates a scalloped skirt as well as a leather belt where the buckle is a large broach.
  • A long chiffon skirt with an elastic belt highlighted by a broach closure, paired with a bustier with a similar broach closure, and a dramatic necklace that serves as a freestanding neckline.
  • Eight yards of chiffon were used to create a robe wherein the weight of the skirt at the back serves to bare one leg exposed by a thigh-high slit at the front of the garment. An off-white, lace body suit under the robe incorporates a necklace as the neckline, with a large broach attaching the necklace to the suit.
  • Finally, a long, sleeveless bed dress with a high neckline incorporates extra fabric (machine-knit lace) at the back in order to bare one leg by means of a slit at the front. It deliberately incorporates a broach at the top of that slit as well as a long, dramatic necklace to complete the ensemble. Both necklace and skirt swing with the movement of the model.
Not too surprisingly, Battistiís required cooperative education terms as a student in UCís College of Design of Architecture, Art, and Planning included some work with lingerie brands. These included The Natori Company in New York City as well as La Senza Lingerie, owned by Limited Brands, Inc., and headquartered in Columbus, Ohio. At La Senza, for instance, Battisti helped with print and pattern design for sleepwear, bras and panties that came to market in December 2012 and included both Christmas and Valentine themed items. For one Valentine themed item, she created a clever design combination of a heart with teeth in tandem with the phrasing: Love Bites.

Other co-op employers included Abercrombie & Fitch Company in Columbus, Ohio;  Chicoís FAS, Inc., in Fort Myers, Fla.; and Donna Degnan Clothing in New York City.

UC 2013 Fashion Show Facts

Time and date: 7:30 p.m., Friday, April 26, 2013

Place: UC Campus Recreation Center
The rec center is to the northeast of Nippert Stadium on this map.

Tickets start at $40, go online for details and ordering information.

Sponsor: Macyís, Inc.