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UC Reunites Married Couple After 11 Long Years

Recent College of Engineering and Applied Science faculty hires Eric and Kristin Yvonne Rozier will finally live in the same city after 11 years apart due to differing job locations throughout their 13-year marriage.

Date: 7/28/2014
By: Liz Daubenmire
Other Contact: Arthur Davies
Other Contact Phone: (513) 556-9181
Eric and Kristin
Eric and Kristin's engagement photo

The University of Cincinnati is home to a beautiful urban campus, a growing spirit-filled student population, and a world renowned College of Engineering and Applied Science. UC is well-known for many of its terrific assets but the newest line on the school’s resume could read “Match-maker.”

After 11 years apart, UC is finally reuniting married couple, Eric and Kristin Yvonne Rozier as they join the outstanding faculty of the aerospace and electrical engineering and computing systems departments. While the couple didn’t meet at UC, they are being paired back together after 11 long years apart out of their 13 year marriage.

Throughout the years living separately, while still in love, the couple advanced their careers, taking hold of the opportunities that came their way.

Kristin, who grew up in the Washington D.C. area, earned her B.S. and M.S. from the College of William and Mary in Virginia. After graduation she began work in Aeroacoustics at NASA Langley for almost three years before moving to the NASA Formal Methods group, where she has worked ever since. Years of diligence paid off when she received a fellowship to study as a full-time doctoral student which also allowed her to keep a full-time position at NASA. As a PhD student, Kristin spent three semesters at Rice University and two semesters at Cambridge University in England as a member of the Pembroke College. After her time abroad, she returned to NASA to complete the research portion of her PhD. Later, Kristin transferred to NASA Ames where she was fortunate enough to live with husband Eric Rozier, but their time together was only temporary.

Eric and Kristin cutting the cake
Eric and Kristin cutting the cake

Cleveland born Eric also attended the College of William and Mary where he earned a bachelor’s degree in computer science (CS). He then went on to earn his PhD in CS at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Eric most recently worked at the University of Miami as an assistant professor. Before his time at the University of Miami, Eric worked at IBM Almaden Research Center where he was named an IBM PhD fellow in 2010. Today Eric works with other high achieving engineers and several chief data scientists from President Obama’s 2012 campaign as a part of the Eric & Wendy Schmidt Data Science for Social Good Faculty Fellowship through the University of Chicago. Eric serves as a mentor during the three-month fellowship which works closely with non-profits and the government to tackle problems with health, education, transportation, and more.

Eric and Kristin met during their mutual time spent at William and Mary. As any wildly academic individuals might do, the couple got married on campus in the Wren Chapel, the oldest college building in the United States. To top off their collegiate nuptial, the ceremony was performed by the President of William and Mary, Timothy Sullivan.

As if this power couple could be any more dynamic, Eric and Kristin published a joint paper in May of this year and presented it together at the 2014 IEEE International Symposium on Ethics in Engineering and Science in Chicago.

Eric and Kristin at their wedding in the Wren Chaple, on the William and Mary campus
Eric and Kristin at their wedding in the Wren Chaple, on the William and Mary campus

The paper, titled, “Reproducibility, Correctness, and Buildability: the Three Principles for Ethic Public Dissemination of Computer Science and Engineering Research” focuses on correct and appropriate ways to circulate research findings across a wide variety of educational levels, i.e., the public. Eric and his “favorite co-author of all time” are proud parents of their research, and enjoyed presenting their findings as a team.

The package deal turns even sweeter as Kristin becomes the second female faculty member to join UC’s aerospace department. Her expertise acquired from her time at NASA will surely advance the college.

Finally, the two engineers have found a shared place to call home. With family nearby, Kristin and Eric have spent many vacations in the city of Cincinnati. The Roziers rejected other joint offers from several top universities in order to settle down in this German town, recognizing UC has unique opportunities to offer. They say it is truly “A dream come true.”
Eric and Kristin are eager to reunite in Cincinnati this fall. Having already fallen in love with the city’s great culture and vibrancy, Eric and Kristin Yvonne Rozier will soon discover the university’s wonders as they settle down in Bearcat Nation.