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A Familiar Face at New Student Orientation

UC sophomore Kersha Deibel-Trotter landed a summer job on campus helping new students become familiar with college life.

Date: 6/19/2006
By: Dawn Fuller
Phone: (513) 556-1823
Photos By: Dottie Stover
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Kersha Deibel-Trotter
Kersha Deibel-Trotter

Kersha Deibel-Trotter of New Philadelphia, Ohio, just wrapped up her first year at the University of Cincinnati but she’s in no hurry to go home for the summer. Instead, the social work major and Calhoun Hall resident will be sharing what she learned as a first-year student with thousands of UC newcomers taking part in Bearcat Bound Orientation over the summer.

Kersha is one of 30 Student Orientation Leaders (SOLs) hired from among 80 student applicants to guide new students and their parents through the two-day orientation. To prepare the SOLs, Kersha and her peers took part in an intensive retreat and training process that prepared them for orientation programs that help students build familiarity with campus as well as form new friendships that are renewed again at Welcome Week in the fall.

“I wanted to become an SOL because I wanted to share my first-year experience with new students,” Kersha says. Coming from a small town like New Philadelphia, she says she chose UC “because of its diversity and because it has so much to offer.” Plus, her father, Carson Trotter, is a UC alumnus, so she says she used to visit campus frequently when she was a little girl.

Kersha Deibel-Trotter

Of course, campus has transformed considerably since Kersha’s “little girl” days. The incoming freshman class will be the first new students to experience a completed MainStreet corridor that blends learning, living, working and playing, as well as a Varsity Village that’s no longer ensconced behind construction fences.

Here are some of Kersha’s observations about UC and experiences that she wants to share with new students:

What’s your best advice for new students as they enter UC?
Time management. That’s the one thing I’ve learned. There’s time that you need to set aside for study and time that you can schedule for play. But we’re here for an education and that should be your number-one priority.

What are the ‘musts’ for students during their first year?
You must get involved! Go to a game. Get out and meet people, because you’ll enjoy the experience so much more. Don’t stay in your room all the time. Even if you’re shy, work at coming out of your shell.

What helped you enjoy a successful first year at college?
I think just keeping my focus. I had a lot of support from my family, but I also motivate myself. I’m very determined and I know what I want for my future. If I’m going to get there, I have to do what I need to do!

What were some of the things you liked about your own orientation?
I liked the flags. To show that UC was a Just Community, our group made a flag and all of them were put together to form this big class flag that was raised at fall Convocation. I thought that was a cool way to welcome everybody to UC. I also got excited about scheduling my own classes!

What were some of the things you liked about Welcome Week in the fall?
Free food – that was a plus! You got to meet the professors. And, just moving into the residence hall and spending time here – getting to know other people before starting classes.

Why is it a great time to be a student at UC?
You can learn so much; there’s so much here to offer. Whether you’re from a big or a small town, you can learn about so many cultures here at UC. That’s another reason why I love it here!

UC’s Bearcat Bound Orientation takes place June 22-Aug. 3. For more information, check the Bearcat Bound Web site.

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