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Two Mother Daughter Teams Celebrate Graduation

“My mother has been my inspiration throughout my entire college career,” says Ebony Warren.

Date: 5/17/2005
By: Billie Dziech
Phone: 513 / 556.1707
Story by Holly Holmes, A&S Journalism Intern

“My mother has been my inspiration throughout my entire college career,” says Ebony Warren. That’s why she and her mother, Janet Warren, will make a proud team at the 2005 commencement ceremony.

Janet Warren is earning a BA in history and will graduate magna cum laude. This is not her first degree, however. She also holds another in liberal arts from Excelsior College and has been employed by UC for thirteen years as a senior compliance/prevailing wage coordinator.

Ebony will receive a BA in history as well. She notes, “It has been a tough journey, but I’ve finally arrived. The skills I’ve acquired in the college will allow me to accomplish my future goals of obtaining a master’s degree in secondary education and a PhD in education administration. I am truly blessed.”

Her mother believes the “blessing” is hers as well: “Ebony and my other daughter, Essence, have inspired me to complete a second undergraduate degree. My purpose for going back to school was to prove to them that if I could do it, they could do it too. It worked! Beginning in September 2005, I’ll be pursuing a master’s degree in education administration too. Ebony and I are truly in God’s favor, and some of our hopes and dreams will be realized on June 10 when we walk across that stage together, as a team -- a family team.”

Rebecca Whitton and her daughter, Kimberly, are equally excited to share their special day. After enduring multiple health challenges, Rebecca says, “I guess God knew how hard Kim and I have worked to complete our education and knew my dream was to walk in graduation with my precious daughter. I will miss our studying together. There were many times I wanted to lay down my pen and give up, but I had come so far through so much, and Kim was my inspiration.”

After a hiatus to raise her daughter, Rebecca decided to return to school. Though employed with the university at Raymond Walters College, Rebecca says, “The sky is the limit. There is still the opportunity for a masters and doctorate. We have come so far, yet there are so many more positive opportunities that UC has to offer.”

Kim finished her BA in communication in March and has been awaiting commencement while working at Channel 5 news. She is grateful for her mother’s example. “Her determination to go back to school really encouraged me to work harder. It's very encouraging to be sitting there cramming for an exam and have your mom right across the table doing the same thing. And for us to have come this far and graduate at the same time is such a great feeling. Graduating from college is one of the most important chapters in anyone's life. I'm just fortunate to share it with someone who means so much to me. Graduating together with my mom will be something I will cherish forever.”

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