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Meet...Seongho Song

Despite the congested early morning traffic on his way to work down Winton Road and I-75, Seongho Song enjoys living in Cincinnati.

Date: 2/14/2006
By: Sarah Gerrety
Phone: 382-8198
Despite the congested early morning traffic on his way to work down Winton Road and I-75, Seongho Song enjoys living in Cincinnati. “I think Cincinnati has very beautiful and well designed parks. I like the river view at Eden Park, where I watched the Labor Day fireworks,” he says.

Song is originally from Pusan, South Korea, located in the southeast near the Korea Strait. He attended Pusan National University, where he received his BA and MS in statistics. When he arrived in the United States in 2001, he began studying at the University of Connecticut and earned an additional MS and later a PhD, also in statistics.

However, he was not a typical University of Connecticut student. While there he earned three of four student awards, including the Gottfried Noether Award for best performance in mathematical statistics, the Fairfield Smith Award for best performance in applied statistics, and Appreciation for the Best Performance in Inference.

Song also completed two internships. The first was at Connecticut’s Boehringer-Ingelheim Pharmaceutical Inc., an organization that pioneers products concerned with the healthcare of humans and animals. His second internship was at the University of Connecticut’s Marketing Department. There he developed statistical models for its ING Center for Financial Services.

Hired as an assistant professor in the Department of Mathematical Sciences, Song has little teaching experience in the United States to compare with his work at UC, but he says that his impression of McMicken is that the college is “a challenging study.” Nevertheless, he is certain that he enjoys teaching. His two winter classes are Mathematical Statistics II, a graduate course, and Probability and Statistics II, an undergraduate class for engineering students. He adds that he “likes it because the students appreciate statistics and are interested in their work, so they are a pleasure to work with.”

In addition to teaching, Song is doing collaborative research with individuals in industrial engineering “to investigate the effects of extremity ballistic body armor on the physical and mental abilities of infantry soldiers.” He is also developing a, “statistical model for mobile network schema in computer science” and “doing some research on developing a statistical model for microsatellite loci in population genetics.”

All in all, coming to McMicken has been an interesting and exciting experience for this native of South Korea who hopes to contribute much to his students and to the research areas in which he is working.

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