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Cincinnatus Scholar Says Her Full Scholarship Was a Full Surprise

Alexandra Blood’s advice to the next round of competitors is to have a good time and expect the best.

Date: 11/26/2007
By: Dawn Fuller
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Alexandra Blood
Alexandra Blood

Alexandra Blood is a member of UC’s record freshman class for the Uptown Campus and is one of seven students who entered UC this fall with a full, four-year $76,000 Cincinnatus Scholarship award to pay for tuition, books, room and board and fees. The 18-year-old Miamisburg High School graduate is also looking ahead to medical school, and says the full scholarship award was beyond anything she had expected. “I thought I’d receive the $2,000 (annual) award and that would be it,” says Alexandra, a psychology major in UC’s McMicken College of Arts & Sciences.

This February 16th marks the 12th annual competition that brings thousands of students to campus from around the nation for a day of essay and leadership exercises. Everyone who’s invited to the competition goes home a winner, but Alexandra is among the top contestants to receive a full award. The 2008 competition will offer 10 full Cincinnatus awards. Invitations to the competition are mailed to the highest achieving high school seniors in their selected UC academic programs whose admission applications, including transcript and test scores, arrive at UC by Dec. 15. Invited students must RSVP their attendance option by Jan. 31 to be eligible for an award.

Once all opportunities to compete in Cincinnatus come to a close, students are evaluated not only for academics and leadership, but also for their dedication to community service – a commitment that reflects UC|21 values emphasizing public engagement. A passion for service brought Alexandra to campus before classes even began, as she became one of the first volunteers to work on UC’s fifth university-wide partnership with Cincinnati Habitat for Humanity as part of her service-learning Honors English class.

“English isn’t typically my strongest subject, but I just feel so confident about it now. It’s because of this class. It’s really awesome.

“The entire class is about community, and when I first came to UC, I knew I was going to be a part of something bigger – I wasn’t in high school anymore. Now, I’m in a new community and meeting new people, and it has been an amazing experience, being part of UC and everything it represents,” says Alexandra.

Service and community are inspiring Alexandra to eventually pursue medical school, possibly pediatric psychology. Even now, she continues to mentor two girls, a third-grader and a fourth-grader, who are special education students in Alexandra’s hometown of Miamisburg. She has also served as a volunteer at Children’s Hospital in Dayton, Ohio, and here in Cincinnati. “I work in radiology and play with the children before they go in to be examined, to help calm them down and get their minds off being in a hospital.”

In addition to the community she has found with the University Honors Program, Alexandra says she is finding community with fellow learners in her residence hall, with the RallyCats school spirit student organization, with the Student Achievement in Research and Scholarship (STARS) mentoring program for underrepresented undergraduates, the Caducea Premedical Society and the University Honors Association.

Alexandra will be on hand to greet the competitors at the Feb. 16 main Cincinnatus competition. Her advice to future competitors, “Expect the best. Just be calm and collected, and have a good time and talk to people. I really enjoyed myself.”

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