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Student Government Leaders Welcome New and Returning Students

Ryan Rosensweig and Sean Lee give their personal account of the UC student experience as well as tips for new students. Plus, get news on major Student Government initiatives for the academic year.

Date: 9/22/2008
By: Dawn Fuller
Phone: (513) 556-1823
Photos By: Dottie Stover
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University of Cincinnati Student Body President Ryan Rosensweig of Clifton and Student Body Vice President Sean Lee of Bridgetown are proud to say they’re achieving a top-quality education close to home.

Sean Lee and Ryan Rosensweig
Sean Lee and Ryan Rosensweig

Both are outstanding students in and out of the classroom and they say they want to achieve some outstanding results from Student Government over the upcoming academic year.

Rosensweig, 22, is a fifth-year marketing and operations management major and a Carl H. Lindner Honors-PLUS scholar in the College of Business. As part of his student experience in the University Honors Program for academically talented students, Rosensweig spent part of his summer studying abroad in Granada, Nicaragua – living with a host family while improving his Spanish, exploring the culture and performing service with an organization that serves students with disabilities. “I had never been out of the country before I came to UC, and now I’ve been all around the world,” says Rosensweig, a graduate of Walnut Hills High School.

Lee, 21, is a fourth-year finance major and a graduate of La Salle High School. “UC has a small-school feel in a big-school environment. I feel that through my campus involvement and from being a part of a diverse urban campus, I’ve had a much more enriching experience than some of my friends who went to other schools,” he says. That experience also included an overseas trip – a service trip with his Sigma Chi Fraternity in 2007 to volunteer with a missionary organization in Haiti, a trip that included visiting children in an orphanage and a jail.

Both Rosensweig and Lee agree that joining student organizations and getting involved on campus is important for students who want to value their college experience and build relationships that last years after graduation. They add that the student voice on campus is growing stronger every day.

They’re hoping that voice will grow stronger on the national level as well, at the polling booths in November. This fall, UC’s Student Government kicks off a massive publicity campaign to sign up young voters at UC. “We’re trying to register 3,000 voters,” Rosensweig says. “It doesn’t matter who they vote for, it matters that they vote, because through that action, our young people have a voice that has an impact on our cities,” Rosensweig says.

The two also report that with support from UCit, students can now track the Bearcat Transportation System (BTS) either online or from their phone.

Ryan Rosensweig
Ryan Rosensweig

Furthermore, in line with a growing national student awareness of reducing their carbon footprint, Student Government is partnering with UC and state organizations to launch a major sustainability proposal. “We’re working with the UC President’s Advisory Committee on Environment and Sustainability, and we also have partnerships with Green Energy Ohio and the Ohio Solar Tour,” says Rosensweig. “We’re working to identify our carbon footprint and provide programming for students. It’s just been out of this world.

“There’s really been a revolution in this idea of a full life cycle of products, in which students need to rethink about the use of a product outside of its initial use. Think cradle-to-cradle instead of cradle-to-grave. Instead of throwing it away in a landfill, it can be used for other things,” says Rosensweig.

“I don’t think we could have anticipated the excitement around this initiative,” adds Lee. “We’ve had overwhelming support and interest.”

Student leaders are bringing a Farmer’s Market to campus on Tuesday, Oct. 7, from 11:30 a.m.-3:30 p.m. on McMicken Commons. They’re working with local farmers and local businesses to set up a market where students, faculty and staff can stop by and shop and taste.

Sean Lee
Sean Lee

“I used to work for a produce company and I would see how we received goods that had been shipped from all across the country,” says Lee. “Now, as my personal contribution to the sustainability initiative, I head down to Findlay Market every other week to buy my apples. I’m not wasting money eaten up by shipping costs, and because they’re fresh and home-grown, they taste a lot better,” Lee says.

A long-time fan of the University of Cincinnati, Rosensweig says he still gets teased about his “Mr. Bearcat” license plate. He says he chose UC because of the Carl H. Lindner Honors-PLUS scholarship, but adds that his experience has surpassed what he has heard from some high school friends who moved onto the Ivy League schools. “I’ve had many more dynamic international experiences and my co-op jobs have been better than any of their internships. So co-op has also made my campus experience very rich and meaningful.

“I also wanted to attend a college where the diversity was as rich as what I had experienced in high school,” Rosensweig continues. “Also, designing my own minor in sustainability and working with the collaborative studios, I get to take an industrial design studio each quarter and work with the designers to develop a sustainable product. To be able to accomplish this as an undergraduate is outstanding.”

Lee suggests that as new students get acquainted with campus, they should take advantage of UC’s Welcome Week and enjoy the activities planned through the start of fall quarter. “Take a chance and get to know people. Knock on doors in your residence halls. Find someone older who can show you the ropes and be your mentor.”

Student Government office

Ryan Rosensweig’s Campus Involvement
Served four years in UC Student Government; Carl H. Lindner Honors-PLUS scholar; Honors student; founder of Alpha Epsilon Pi Fraternity at UC; Cincinnatus Honorary; Order of Omega honorary; Omicron Kappa Delta leadership honorary; Men of Metro Spirit and Leadership Honorary; former Bearcat ROAR voluntary student tour guide; former resident advisor in Calhoun Hall; DC (Dance & Cheer) Fanatics (a group formed by UC students to support the UC dance team and cheerleaders); The Den basketball student cheering section; Cat Pack a cappella group; UC Men’s and Women’s Chorus; board member for Hillel Jewish Student Center

Sean Lee’s Campus Involvement
Previously served one year in Student Government; former Bearcat ROAR voluntary student tour guide and former president of Bearcat ROAR; Sigma Chi Fraternity (former treasurer and chair); Men of Metro Spirit and Leadership Honorary; Order of Omega honorary; Omicron Delta Kappa leadership honorary; Cincinnatus Honorary; Phi Rho Chi honorary; Programs and Activities Council (PAC); former Student Orientation Leader; DC Fanatics

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