Division of Professional PracticeUniversity of CincinnatiDivision of Professional Practice

Division of Professional Practice


The Division of Professional Practice offers two world class experiential learning programs.

    Cooperative Education Program

    Offers full-time rotations of work and school for students in:

  • The College of Engineering and Applied Science
  • The College of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning
  • The College of Business
  • The College of Education, Criminal Justice, and Human Services

    Academic Internship Program

    Offers part-time internships to interned students in any UC college

   The Singapore Experience

   Combines cultural, academic, and professional development experiences
   to help expand knowledge, strengthen confidence, and gain a
   competitive advantage in the global marketplace.

   European Experiential Learning Program

   Will give students the opportunity to travel to Turin, Italy, Milan,
   and Barcelona Spain.  This is a 3 credit hour undergraduate course which
   can be used for an elective or as an international experience. Students
   will visit businesses in each of these three cities and attend multiple
   cultural sites.