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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use the Exploring Academic Internships class to find my internship?

    UC has over a century of experience with experiential learning education, so we are one of the best resources you have. In addition, we have over 700 positions in our internship system from small companies and non-profits, to the biggest companies such as P&G and GE. We have positions to fit every major.

What is the time commitment for the Exploring Academic Internships class?

    The class is worth three credit hours and is offered at four different times during the week.

What will I learn in the Exploring Academic Internships class? 

    While taking the course, you will learn various aspects of both professional and career development. You will get the chance to have your resume reviewed by both peers as well as professionals in orger to make it the best possible. You will also be able to meet with professionals from different industries to get interviewing tips during a mock interview in preparation for a real interview.

Is there an internship for my major?

    Most majors that are not co-op required are represented in our system. These range from accounting to communications, marketing to human resources, and sales to biology.

What is the time commitment for my internship, and how long does the internship last?

    Interns must work a minimum of 150 hours for the semester, an average of 10 hours per week. The internships generally last for an entire semester, although some may be longer or shorter depending on the circumstances.

Is the actual internship worth any credits? What do I have to do while in my internship?

    While in your internship, there is an online class you must take. The class has modules that must be completed, approximately one module per week. The online class combined with the internship itself are worth three credit hours.

I found an internship on my own, can I get credit for it?

    You can receive credit for an internship that you found on your own; however, you must set up an appointment with one of the members of the Academic Internship Team by calling (513)-556-4535 in order to get credit for the internship.

What are some companies that I could have the opportunity to intern with?

    There are many different companies that work with us to provide internships for students. We work with larger companies such as GE and P&G, and nonprofits such as the WAVE Foundation at the Newport Aquarium and the University of Cincinnati Foundation. There are a wide variety of companies that students could potentially work with.

Will my internship be in Cincinnati?

    Most of the internships that we offer are within the Cincinnati region, since most of our interns will be part time while still taking classes. There are some internships that are outside of the region such as the Washington Center Internship that takes place in Washington D.C.

How do these internships get translated towards credits for my major?

    Not all majors will accept the credit earned in the internship as credit towards their program. Organizational Leadership, Political Science, and International Affairs will all definitely recieve credit. In addition, students pursuing certificates in Security Studies and International Human Rights can earn credit towards their program. 

How are students tracked for their work during their internship?

    While students are in their internships, they are tracked through completion of online learning modules. These modules cover a wide variety of issues such as the culture of the company they are working for, learning styles they have observed in the workplace, and others. In addition to this, students fill out a time card with the hours that they work for the week. Finally, student’s supervisors fill out evaluations of the students that are given back to the Academic Internship Team to see how the student progressed while in their internship.

As an international student can i still participate in the program?

    As an international student you can still participate in the program. If you are outside of the United States, you can still get credit for your internship. In order to do so, you would need to contact a member of the Academic Internship program and get approval for your internship.