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Division of Professional Practice

Internship/Online Component

On the Internship

While interning, students gain invaluable experiential learning through hands-on, real world job projects and functions for employers. From the non-profit to corporate fields, domestic or abroad, our internships offer unique experiences that students will build upon for a lifetime.


  • Intern at least 150 hours over the course of the 15-week semester 
  • Adhere to the internship site's professional etiquette guidelines in regards to arriving and leaving on time, communication with supervisors and establishing parameters of pay
  • Enroll in the supplemental online course for additional reflection and personal development while interning
  • Should concerns or discrepancies arise while interning, please contact an AIP advisor

Online Component

Academic Internship Course Description:

The academic internship experience allows students to investigate the applicability of their studies during a domestic or international field experience.  The course is reflective in nature, relies on communication with an on-site mentor, as-well-as distance learning based communication with faculty. Students will participate in experiential projects and complete tasks that build on skills learned in the classroom.

Course Aspects

Students enrolled in the supplementary online component will practice effective communication with supervisors and AIP course advisors in addition to self-reflection throughout the duration of their internships. This course establishes a definitive student perspective of what should be accomplished during internships and fosters interaction among students through online discussion posts.

During the course, students will:

  • Establish focused learning objectives to implement that are specific to each internship
  • Communicate regularly with employers to promote a positive internship experience and ensure goals and objectives are met 
  • Participate in discussion boards via Blackboard
  • Execute an informational interview with a subject in a future desired career field to gain an improved understanding of the industry

Student Learning Outcomes:

  • Students will use the knowledge gained on their internship to test and clarify career interests and aptitudes.
  • Students will acquire valuable hands on skill development and learning.
  • Students will be able to compare and contrast working in teams with working individually. 
  • Students will be able to explain the professional expectations that their supervisor has of them with regard to performing work responsibilities.
  • Students will be able to explain how their particular job function relates to departmental goals.
  • Students will be able to complete projects/tasks that will build on the skills learned in the classroom.

Student Links:

PAL is where you complete the reflection and assessment exercises associated with your internship experience.

Blackboard is where you access specific information about the Academic Internship Course.