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Division of Professional Practice

Intern for UC's AIP Program


In addition to offering internships from external employers, the Academic Internship Program also offers positions to its students as well. Interns can expect an eclectic array of rewarding projects on a daily basis, ranging from developing new partnerships with university entities and offices to strategically implementing social media campaigns to generate campus-wide awareness about the program. 

Interning for AIP will not be the typical clerical, “coffee run” position, as interns are granted immersive projects relevant to higher education development and strategic marketing practices in conjunction with intern supervisors' leadership and facilitation.  

AIP currently offers two internships per semester:

1) Marketing Intern: The Marketing Intern's goal is to increase overall student awareness of the Academic Internship Program and increase the number of students registering for the AIP class.

Duties may include:

  • Represent the UC AIP on campus through tabling, presentations & active recruitment
  • Utilize and update social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr) on a regular basis to engage students and employers
  • Write short articles and features for the AIP Tumblr to promote the program and current interns or employers
  • Collaborate with other student organizations such as Student Government to help increase student awareness the AIP

2) Program Development/Management Intern: The Program Development/Management Intern assists with the internal operational facets to facilitate the program's daily functions along with extending the program externally to other venues and institutions of the university. This position focuses on expanding the breadth and depth of the program.

Duties may include:

  • Create/Manage the Academic Internship Program Ambassadors student group
  • Plan, create, and implement updated web content to better and more effectively communicate with students and employers
  • Organize and execute Internship Interview Day
  • Partner with new or existing entities at UC to expand AIP
  • Participate in the communications plan to help get the word out to students about the Academic Internship Program