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How will the placement process work?

The following outlines the Singapore Experience’s co-op and internship placement process in which we partner with the Academic Internship Council:

Individual Placement Meetings

Partnering with the Division of Professional Practice and Experiential Learning, AIC will conduct an individual placement meeting with you, either on-campus or by telephone/Skype, approximately three months prior to program commencement. In this meeting, AIC will assess your priorities and placement preferences. A prompt to complete an online questionnaire and submit a resume will be sent to you before your meeting help inform the conversation. AIC will discuss individual academic credit requirements you may have to ensure these are included as key factors during the placement process.

Pre-departure Information

In addition, AIC will provide pre-departure orientation materials covering specific information about Singapore, program parameters and the AIC process. Should questions arise after AIC’s campus visit and/or telephone/Skype meeting, you are encouraged to continue the dialogue with AIC via email. Indeed, these first meetings are viewed as the beginning of a conversation and ongoing communication between you and AIC is a vital part of the process.

Provisional Placements

You will receive a provisional placement via email containing a placement description, sponsor website and previous students’ evaluations (when available), to prepare you for your confirmation interview. This provisional placement match is based on AIC’s assessment of your skills, interests and professional goals, as well as AIC’s knowledge of sponsor’s internship needs and work cycles.

Confirmation Interviews

A confirmation interview will be conducted, usually via telephone or Skype, between you and your direct supervisor at the placement site. A provisional placement is always contingent upon the success of the confirmation interview with the employer.

Placement Timing

Provisional placement typically takes place two to three weeks prior to the start of the program. Confirmation interview will either happen at that time or in person during the program orientation. AIC will secure placements for all students, however the timing of the matching process depends on your individual profile and preferences articulated by you and your performance student at the confirmation interview.