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Are you interested in gaining real-world leadership experience in Washington, D.C.?  Consider applying to participate in The Washington Center during any academic term (fall, spring, or summer). After reviewing the information here, please visit The Washington Center's official website at www.twc.edu

The Academic Internship Program within the Division of Professional Practice and Experiential Learning serves as the campus liaison for The Washington Center, an independent non-profit organization with headquarters in Washington D.C. that provides students semester-long internships at one of over 900 different public, private and governmental institutions. The program is open to all UC students and is designed to fit with all majors and interest areas. To be eligible to apply, students must have a cumulative university GPA of at least 2.75. The earliest a student can intern is during his/her spring semester of sophomore year. 

University Credit

Students will earn up to 15 University of Cincinnati credits for their experience in The Washington Center, provided that they pass their Washington Center coursework with a grade of C or higher.  

Credits will be earned as free electives but may be applied toward program or major requirements with the prior approval of the college or department. Students should speak with their major advisor or department head to discuss special arrangements before attending The Washington Center. 

Included in the total 15 credits, students who entered the University Honors Program in or after fall 2007 will fulfill two honors experiences through the Washington Center. Students who entered the University Honors Program in or prior to summer 2007 will fulfill 6 general Honors credits and 3 special topics credits.

Interns work four and one-half days per week and attend one academic class per week. Interns also have the opportunity to attend special breakfast meetings with representatives from Congress and other area leaders. All interns are also encouraged to engage in the D.C. community by volunteering their time and energy with a local  agency. 


Students may choose to live in Washington Center housing or arrange housing on their own. The Washington Center recently opened a Residential and Academic Facility and offers additional options in furnished, professional-style apartments that are close to metro stops.


While at The Washington Center students do not pay UC tuition. In most cases, financial aid that students receive while attending UC can be used to pay The Washington Center fees for program and housing (if housing is needed).

Financial assistance can be coordinated through The Washington Center. All students living in Washington Center housing automatically receive a scholarship from TWC (in 2012-2013, the expected scholarship amount is $2000).

Additionally, University Honors students will receive a $1000 honors grant, pending confirmation from UC's financial aid department that students are eligible for additional aid. In order to receive the grant, University Honors students must contact their honors advisor

Next Steps

Contact campus liaison Brodie Theis to discuss your interest in The Washington Center and begin the online application process. The Washington Center requires the campus liaison to review and approve all applications to the program.

Please refer to the application calendar to ensure that you are prepared to meet deadlines. You must review your completed application with the campus liaison to receive approval for submission at least two weeks prior to the appropriate application deadline. If you are interested in working at an agency that requires a security clearance, you'll need to submit your application by the early deadline; otherwise, you should plan to apply no later than the competitive deadline.