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Ohio Means Internships & Co-ops II

The Ohio Means Internships & Co-ops plan is a regional approach designed to strengthen the ties between industry and academia in the southern part of Ohio within key industry clusters.  Partnering with the Greater Cincinnati USA Chamber of Commerce, the University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati State Technical and Community College, the College of Mount St. Joseph, Shawnee State University, University of Rio Grande/ Rio Grande Community College, and Xavier University have pledged to develop almost 700 new co-op and internship positions.  These positions will be within the most highly valued industries for Ohio and can provide scholarships to their students to help offset the costs associated with employing a co-op or intern.

This plan builds the talent supply for Southwest Ohio by using co-op and internships as educational on-boarding vehicles. It creates meaningful work-based learning experiences in key the industry clusters of: BioHealth, Finance, Insurance and IT, Advanced Energy, Consumer Products, Brand Development, and Creative Services, Food Processing and Agriculture, and Advanced Manufacturing, Polymers, Automotive and Aerospace through the creation of new co-op and internship positions.

The plan further supports the development of co-op and internship opportunities by

a) continuously monitoring the development and needs of the industry clusters in cooperation with the Chamber of Commerce,

b) using the databases of existing employer relations of each individual college.

c) building a sufficient organization to handle co-op and internship oriented instruction in each individual college.

d) incentivizing new and reengaging employers up to $3,000 dollars for hiring students where qualified

e) uncover teaching/instructional practices and curricular components within participating colleges which contribute to strong student workplace performance.

f) develop curricular interventions to address identified areas of weak student performance.

The Ohio Means Internships & Co-ops is made possible by the generous funding of the Ohio Board of Regents and the Ohio Means Internships and Co-ops Program.


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