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Ohio Means Internships & Co-ops - Students

Perhaps the most innovative feature of the program is the use of two targeted Interview Days.  During one or both of our Interview days you can interview with a series of potential employers through one simple process and at one centralized location.  This level of cooperation and ease of use is groundbreaking so we hope you will all want to participate. 

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But the main use of funding is for student scholarships.  The grant funding stimulates the growth of co-op and internship programs through $1,500 scholarships for part-time and $3,000 scholarships for full time placements. The requirement is that the work be paid and hosted by an employer new to the program. The job must be located in the State of Ohio.

To qualify for scholarship funding you must work in paid internships or co-ops at companies within the target industry clusters. These jobs are required to be new, which is defined as either a job offered by an employer who a) has no history of participating in a college specific co-op or internship program since 2008, or b) who creates a net increase of positions during a given semester compared to a predetermined baseline.  Once you have completed your scholarship application and the employer has verified the match, the scholarship committee will be charged with determining if the position fits the requirement of a new position.

To be eligible for a scholarship, you must also be registered for a course that appears on your academic transcript covering the co-op or internship experience.  For students who secure their positions through the Division of Professional Practice and Experiential Learning, this will be automatic.

For more information, contact your co-op or internship advisor or to apply for a Ohio Means Internship & Co-ops Scholarship click here.