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Pre-Health Internship Program

PD 1000: Exploring Health Professions an undergraduate course that provide students with a wider and deeper understanding of a variety of health professions. The course content also focuses on professional development, ethical behaviors, cultural competency, and preparing a competitive application to the health professions program of their choosing. Students earn HIPAA certification and undertake blood borne pathogen training during the course. The course has a Social and Ethical (SE) BoK code designation and is the required gateway course for the new Medical Sciences major being launched in Fall 2015 out of the UC College of Medicine.

 After successful completion of the course, students are prepared to responsibly engage in shadowing, volunteering, interning, or paid work in a healthcare setting. They register for our INT 3041 reflection course to earn college credit for this real world experience. ProPEL will help to “place” these students to gain experiential learning. The advantage of this new pre-professional experiential learning track in ProPEL is that UC students have time and earn credit for the things they need to do to build a competitive application to a professional school program.

Health Technology

Students in the Exploring Health Professions course will experience the following learning outcomes:

1.  Advance connections between the experiential education concept
     and importance of healthcare career exploration.

2.  Identify, research, and evaluate a range of career options available in
     the health professions.

3.  Demonstrate insight into professional behaviors that lead to success in
     the healthcare workplace.

4.  Develop effective career development resources tailored to a chosen
     healthcare career path.

5.  Explore personal values and ethical guidelines related to complex
     problems and controversies in healthcare.

6.  Utilize different points of view to understand the human side of
     healthcare pertaining to cultural difference, dissonance, and

7.  Recognize and articulate the meaning of healthcare disparities.

8.  Explain the relationship between educational goals and interests in
     chosen health profession.

9.  Assume responsibility for understanding the steps to prepare a
     competitive application to professional school.

10. Create a network of academic and co-curricular resources and
     support integral to succeeding on a pre-health path.

11. Complete preparatory training and certifications required for health

12. Understand the benefits of interprofessional collaboration for quality
      patient care


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UC’s Pre-Professional Advising Center (PPAC) http://www.uc.edu/preproadvising.html

UC College of Medicine Undergraduate Program in Medical Sciences http://med.uc.edu/medicalsciences/minor/outsidecourses/exploring-health-professions

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