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The University of Cincinnati's most distinguished and respected colleges are busy tearing down walls and breaking out of their "silos;" these colleges "get it"—they understand that students who cross borders, students who work and train cooperatively and collaboratively, learn more and are better prepared for employment after they leave our university. Our goal is to further break the entire university out of its silo. We believe the university that nurtures symbiotic partnerships between students, faculty, and the greater community in which the university is rooted, is stronger for it. We do not have far to go here: The University of Cincinnati is so close to its community that we can feel its heartbeat.  Read more ...

Generation Ali







Students will work collaboratively with a diverse, interdisciplinary team to develop tangible outcomes for a community organization, the Ali Center, in order to support one of their key initiatives called Generation Ali.  By working in collaborative teams, learners will experiment with facilitators and guest experts to combine professional skills, servant leadership, and resources to promote social justice and activism.


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Housing Competion


Housing Competion - East End

Price - $1500

This class concept comes from the East End Community who has been
working with the Niehoff Urban Studio/Community Design Center
on a district urban design plan intended to repopulate this flood
prone neighborhood.

* InfillHousingCompetition_final15.pdf (1.0 MB)
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Studio Competion






Cincinnati Urban Land Institute


Prize - $5000

This competition is modeled after the existing national
ULI Hines Competition conducted annually for 3-4
person interdisciplinary teams to design a real estate
development project on an assigned local site.

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