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Service Learning Collaboratory


One of UC’s Service Learning Collaboratory partners, The Muhammad Ali Center, is cordially inviting the UC family to a special concert featuring Bruno Mars on
September 20
! The concert will be held in an intimate venue where no seat being more than 170 feet away from the stage! Here are the details for how to order your tickets: 

"Attention friends of the Ali Center: BRUNO MARS live in concert September 20, 2014 in Louisville KY for a special performance!! Beginning TODAY, your employees, friends, and family will be able to purchase SPECIAL DISCOUNTED tickets to the Bruno Mars Benefit Concert on Ticketmaster. General Admission tickets will be available for: $50 Bleacher Seats (plus fees) and $99 Floor Seats (plus fees) for a limited time! Type in the OFFER CODE below and Select SUPPORTERS under Special Offers! 

Tickets to the Bruno Mars concert are on sale NOW! Offer Code (all capitalized): ALI

For more information about the Bruno Mars concert and its connection to CONGO14, click here. The concert venue (Kentucky International Convention Center) is an intimate setting. Each seat is no more than 170 feet away from the stage, so every seat is good one!  This performance is one of the last three sites of Bruno Mars’s Moonshine Jungle Tour! No way better to support the Muhammad Ali Center AND be part of the 40 Year Anniversary Celebration of the legendary Rumble in the Jungle. Opening acts include the Temptations Review and Louisville own, Southern Sirens."

Generation Ali







Students will work collaboratively with a diverse, interdisciplinary team to develop tangible outcomes for a community organization, the Ali Center, in order to support one of their key initiatives called Generation Ali.  By working in collaborative teams, learners will experiment with facilitators and guest experts to combine professional skills, servant leadership, and resources to promote social justice and activism.


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Housing Competion


Housing Competion - East End

Price - $1500

This class concept comes from the East End Community who has been
working with the Niehoff Urban Studio/Community Design Center
on a district urban design plan intended to repopulate this flood
prone neighborhood.

* InfillHousingCompetition_final.pdf (424.5 KB)
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Studio Competion






Cincinnati Urban Land Institute


Prize - $5000

This competition is modeled after the existing national
ULI Hines Competition conducted annually for 3-4
person interdisciplinary teams to design a real estate
development project on an assigned local site.

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