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Greg Metz

Greg Metz

University of Cincinnati Center for First Year Experience and Learning Communities

Interim Director


Greg Metz is currently the Interim Director of First Year Experience at the University of Cincinnati. Greg holds a Ph.D. in Sociology from Rutgers University. Greg's roles include supporting new and existing initiatives to enhance the overall quality and impact of first year experience at UC, overseeing a Learning Community Peer Leader Program that serves nearly 2000 first year students per year (and provides leadership training for over 100 Peer Leaders), managing the overall operations and advocacy efforts of the Center for First Year Experience, and contributing to the national conversation and sharing of best practices on transforming first year experience. Greg served at  Rutgers University from 1988-2004 and was centrally involved with programs to broaden higher education access and success for historically disadvantaged students as well as efforts to enhance the quality of K-12 urban education. Greg has taught extensively at the undergraduate and graduate levels in both Education and Sociology, and has been a high school social studies teacher as well. Since coming to UC in 2006, Greg has overseen the expansion of the Learning Communities Peer Leader Program from 12 LC’s (2005-2006) to over 95 LC’s (2011-2012). Greg regularly presents at national conferences and in October 2010 was chosen as one of nine faculty members for the first annual National Institute on Peer Educators sponsored by the National Resource Center for First Year Experience. Greg lives in Wyoming, Ohio with his wife (Sharon) and daughter (Lauren), and enjoys basketball, playing guitar and listening to a wide array of music.