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Wendy Yip


Gwendolyn ("Wendy") Yip, wife of Santa Ono (aka  "First Lady of UC"),  supports him in building community within UC and Cincinnati.  She is a homemaker and professional volunteer at UC, Cardinal Pacelli School, and Seven Hills School.  Her volunteer work encompasses policy development, teacher support, and direct service to children.  She recently co-chaired Zoofari 2013, helping to fundraise and do some PR for Cincinnati Zoo while raising UC's profile.  Wendy also has been working for a year on an initiative to bring together various UC entities, CoreChange, and a local community center, to address the problems of poverty in the West End, in a multi-faceted approach.  Wendy trained as an immunologist at McGill University in her hometown of Montreal, Canada, and as a lawyer at Boston University.  She practiced law for a decade, primarily in patent law, but also handled matters in poverty  and family law, health law,  and criminal prosecution.  In addition to law firm practice, Wendy did a legal fellowship at what is now the Asian American Justice Center, and taught patent law at the London School for Economics.  She has volunteered with assorted schools and churches wherever she and her family have lived.