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What does UC stand for?  Is it the “University of Cincinnati” or “Up and Coming”?  It’s both!  We’ve been recognized as an up and coming university who is moving faster and farther than our peer institutions by the Chronicle of Higher Education and US News and World Report.  But we don’t just want to be up and coming, we want to be the best. 

So we have created Career Connections: Finding Your Future Talent Now.  This two day event not only showcases your organization to the best and brightest UC students in engineering, business and design it also allows you to conduct professional interviews with our students before you leave campus. 

We want you to consider the University of Cincinnati as a preferred school.  Why?  Here are the top three reasons why UC should be on your preferred school list:

1. UC has the largest and most diverse cooperative education program at any public institution in the US, with nearly 4,000 students participating.

2. The Division of Professional Practice is known throughout the United States for our exemplary customer service record; we understand your needs and how to serve you best.

3. As a valued co-op partner, you not only develop your talent pipeline, you also influence the education of our students, producing the kind of graduates that will create the future of your company