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Globalization Grants

There are many types of financial aid that you can apply to an international experience. The most essential point is to apply early and have your application in good form.

UC International offers student grants for up to $500 for education abroad projects. Students may receive grants for up to one proposal per year during the course of their study at UC. Grants are restricted to students who are either currently full-time or who have been admitted as a full-time student. This document contains important information and instructions for applying for the globalization grant.

Deadlines to submit requests for globalization grants are very early in the quarter prior to the quarter you will go overseas.

Dates and additional information can be found on the UC International Program website: http://www.uc.edu/international/programs/students/financial_planning/grants.html.


Possible Scholarships or Grants:

               Japanese:  http://www.iie.org/Programs/Freeman-ASIA/Eligibililty

               German:  https://daad.org/

Study Abroad Scholarships:

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