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In addition to completing program requirements for the ICP, students may be interested in pursuing a certificate in Asian Studies. All courses below will fulfill requirements for the Asian Studies certificate. Learn more about certificate in Asian Studies.


     a.        PD1081 –  Orientation to International Co-op

     b.        JAPN1061 – Intensive Japanese Language and Culture for international Co-op Program

     c.        JAPN – Japanese Language and Culture for ICP

      d.        PD 4026 - Experiential Learning Abroad - Industry & Culture in Japan

ICP Electives (students are required to select one)

2.     Anthropology

     a.        ANTH1006 – World Prehistory                                                                 

     b.       ANTH3065 – International Migration

     c.       ANTH1001 – Cultural Anthropology                                                          DC, SS

3.     Art History

     a.       ARTH1001 – History of Art 1                                                                      FA, HP

     b.       ARTH1002 – History of Art 2                                                                      FA, HP

     c.       ARTH2071 – Survey of Japanese Art

     d.       ARTH3042 – Early Modern Japanese Art

     e.       ARTH6050 – History of Japanese Prints, 1670-1970

4.     Communication

     a.       COMM1080 – Intro to Nonverbal Intercultural Communication

     b.       COMM3049 – Intercultural Communication

5.      Economics

     a.       ECON4040 – International Economics

     b.       ECON5040 – Topics in International Economics

6.      English Literature

     a.       ENGL2021 – World Literature I                                                                  DC, HL

     b.       ENGL2022 – World Literature II                                                                DC, HL

     c.       ENGL2036 – Contemporary World Literature: The Short Story                        HL

     d.       ENGL2037 – Contemporary World Literature: Poetry                            HL


7.      Geography

     a.       GEOG1021 – World Regional Geography                                                  DC, SS

     b.       GEOG2026 – The Geography of Asia                                                          DC, SS

     c.       GEOG2036 – The Geography of Southern Asia                                         DC, SS

8.      History

     a.       HIST1003 – World History I                                                                                    DC, HP

     b.       HIST1004 – World History II                                                                      DC, HP

     c.       HIST2011 – History of Japan                                                                       DC, HP

     d.       HIST2017 – World History 1945 to the Present                                       HP

     e.       HIST2024 – Global Environmental History                                                           SE, HP

     f.        HIST3022 – Human Rights and U.S. Foreign Relations I

     g.       HIST3023 – Human Rights and U.S. Foreign Relations II

     h.       HIST3050 – World War I

     i.        HIST3051 – World War II

     j.        HIST3078 – World War I and the World

     k.       HIST3085 – Film and the History of World War II

     l.        HIST3088 – Global Protest Movements, 1960s-2000s

     m.      HIST3089 – Technology in World History

     n.       HIST4065 – War and Film in History

9.      Political Science

     a.       POL1060 – Introduction to Comparative Politics                                      DC, SS

     b.      POL1080 – Introduction to International Relations                                 SE, SS

     c.      POL2069 – Politics of Developing countries                                              SE, SS

     d.      POL2080 – America and the World                                                                        SS

     e.      POL2081 – Globalization and Politics                                                         SE, SS

     f.       POL2085 – Terrorism and Insurgency                                                      SE, SS

     g.      POL2086 – Globalization

     h.      POL2088 – International Law and Organization                                       SE, SS

     i.       POL2089 – International Human Rights                                                    SE, SS

     j.       POL3043 – Citizenship and Terrorism

     k.      POL3062 – Global Religion and Politics

     l.       POL3080 – Approaches to International Politics

     m.     POL3081 – Politics of Global Economic Affairs

     n.      POL3082 – Alignment and Alliances in the International Relations

     o.      POL3084 – International Relations of East Asia

     p.      POL3086 – Security and Conflict in Asia

     q.      POL4028 – Campaign Communication and Women in Elective Politics

     r.       POL6084 – International Crisis Decision-making


     a.      RELG1001 – Introduction to the Study of Religion                                   HL

     b.      RELG2062 –  History and Thought: Buddhism

     c.      RELG3051 – Spirituality and Mysticism



     a.      JAPN1081 – Introduction to Japanese Cultural Heritage I                                   DC, HL

     b.      JAPN1082 – Introduction to Japanese Cultural Heritage II                      DC, HL

     c.      JAPN4005 – Topics in Japanese Culture and Society