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All students must be on Section 1 co-op no later than summer between third and fourth years in order to move forward on the ICP schedule.

Orientation to International Co-op Mandatory for all ICP students. Offered once each year. Designed for sophomore, but can be taken anytime before overseas assignment.

Choice of BOK electives


Choose from approved list of ICP electives. Quarter taken varies depending on individual student schedules; but both courses should be completed before students co-op abroad.


6-Week Intensive Language






German and Japanese:
Intensive classes meet the last six weeks of summer quarter, between third and fourth academic years.

Due to the proficiency level of most ICP Spanish students, the six week intensive Spanish class is not offered. The preliminary language requirement for ICP students is the equivalent of 9 credit hours college-level Spanish, acquired through AP credit and A&S Spanish Department course offerings.
Students will take the department placement test to determine the appropriate level to begin taking courses to meet this requirement.


Language Enhancement for ICP

Fall quarter fourth year, following summer intensive.


Language Enhancement for ICP

Winter quarter fourth year, following fall course.


2-Week Intensive Language



[CEAS, CoB, and Architecture students only. Other DAAP students will complete this requirement with classes in the A&S language departments]

Spring, following intensive and language enhancement courses.

German and Japanese: Two weeks, class begins the week of spring break, overseas.