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The EEP program is designed:

·         to give students enrolled in the Professional Practice Program the
          opportunity to have a one-time educational alternative to the
          traditional co-op positions.

·         to provide students and co-op faculty with additional educational
          employment alternatives other than an administrative waiver to
          better prepare students to qualify for future co-op and career

The EEP program must not:

·         be used as an option more than once in a student’s college

·         replace a co-op student who is working in a paying position with an
          unpaid student.

·         be available to students who do not meet the admissions
          requirements and have not been accepted in the Professional
          Practice Program.

Experiential Exploration Program Alternatives:

·         Study Abroad

·         Community Service and Volunteer Positions

·         Research Experience

·         Travel Semester

·         Time Sheet and Log



In order to maintain the standards of the University of Cincinnati, and the Division of Professional Practice & Experiental Learning (ProPEL) as well as the best interest of the individual student's education, ProPEL has established the Professional Standards Review Committee (PSRC).  The Committee is composed of faculty and student members appointed by the College Deans, the Student Tribunals and the Director of Professional Practice for the purpose of maintaining program standands.

The PSRC reviews all matters pertaining to petitions of irregularity, conflcit resolution, advanced standing, and violations of program rules.

Petitions required for submission to the PSRC:


►    Request for Advanced Standing 

►    Student Petition for Co-op Program Exception or Waiver

►    Student Petition for Short Time Off Work Exception