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Division of Professional Practice

Co-op Registration

Registration Process

  • You will receive an e-mail from the Division of Professional Practice prompting you to register for your upcoming work semester.

  • Prior to registering online, your co-op faculty advisor must know your specific plans for the upcoming co-op practice semester. If you have not notified your co-op faculty advisor of your placement, please contact them and inform them you have accepted a position.

  • You must meet with your co-op advisor prior to initial placement and each academic term following your first placement. This is required for a passing grade for your previous co-op semester even for those students planning to return to their current co-op position
  • Please refer to the link below for instructions on how to register for our co-op semester:

    Registering for Co-op & Changing your Supervisor

  • Log-in at www.uc.edu/PAL

  • Complete all information. If you are registering before you know your supervisor’s name and contact information, you can still submit the remaining information, but you will be required to update required information on the registration page.

  • You will be registered with the co-op office and the co-op office will then register you with the University of Cincinnati. Your co-op registration fee will show up on One Stop in three business days.

Very Important

You will not be able to access any of the needed assessment forms until you have entered ALL of the required registration information into the database. Therefore, if there are any mandatory fields that you cannot fill out at the time of initial registration, please fill them in and resubmit the registration information within the first two weeks of your co-op practice quarter. All other submitted information will be saved/retained in the database.