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Thank you for your interest in and support of the University of Cincinnati Cooperative Education Program

UC has a long and successful history of enhancing the education of our students by integrating theory and practice through our co-op program.

Our employers are truly our partners in education.

Many employers have been working with us for a significant portion of our 100+ co-op history. For those employers who are exploring participation, we look forward to forging new relationships with you.

Setting up a Program

Please contact advisors directly whenever you want to set up an experiential learning program at your job location.

Co-op (full-time)           

             Co-op Faculty Advisor       


Communication Annie Straka A & S
Aerospace Engineering James Tappel
Architectural Engineering Jill Flood CEAS
Biomedical Engineering Jill Collet
Chemical Engineering Cheryl Cates - (A-L)
Emily Frazier - (M-Z)
Civil Engineering Maureen Schomaker
Computer Engineering Brittany Arthur
Computer Engineering Technology Chris Tonnis CEAS
Computer Science Christopher Cooper - (G-Z)
Gayle Elliott - (A-F)
Construction Management Jill Flood
Electrical Engineering Chris Tonnis CEAS
Electrical Engineering Technology Todd Foley
Environmental Engineering Susie Mahoney CEAS
Mechanical Engineering Rebecca Hale - (A-L)
Richard Robles - (M-Z)
Mechanical Engineering Technology Stacey Hummeldorf
Information Technology
Erik Alanson - (A-O)
Susie Mahoney - (P-Z)
Architecture (BSArch) Alex Christoforidis DAAP
Architecture (MArch) Alex Christoforidis DAAP
Fashion Design / Product Development Emily Flannery
Fine Arts Aaron Bradley DAAP
Graphic Communication Design Lisa Barlow
Datina Juran
Industrial Design Beth Anne Herrin
Interior Design Cindy Damschroder
Urban Planning Frederick Lutt DAAP
Masters of Community Planning Frederick Lutt DAAP

Employer recruiting forms, that you might consider attaching to your mail, can be downloaded from here.

Academic Internships (mostly part-time)

All UC Majors                                                Brodie Theis                                                       
UC at Large                    

Pre-Health Internship Program

All UC Majors                                                 Robin Selzer                                                     
 UC at Large                     

Service Learning and Civic Engagement

All UC Majors                                                 Michael Sharp                                                   UC at Large                      

UC Forward

All UC Majors                                                 Kevin Geiger                                             UC at Large                     

Direct dial numbers to faculty can be found at Contact Us.

For more specific information on our experiential learning programs please visit these websites, Co-op Program, the Academic Internship Program, Pre-Health Internship Program, the Service Learning and Civic Engagement Program, or UC Forward.


Companies wishing to hire business students for intern, part-time, co-op, or full-time, please contact LindnerCareerServices@uc.edu, 513-556-5147 or business.uc.edu/career.