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Employer feedback on student performance is a critical component of the co-op process. It helps students grow and develop as a professional. Additionally, the university is able to use this employer feedback (in aggregate form) to improve academic programs to best meet employer needs. We ask that all co-op employers complete the Employer Report.

To complete the Employer Report in PAL 2.0:

Go to www.uc.edu/PAL and log in using your email address.  The first time you access the system, you will be prompted to set your password. 

Click on Evaluate Student Performance which is a main menu item.  Select the student from the list presented and click Edit to get started.  For more detailed instructions please go to http://www.youtube.com/UCCoopPALEmployer and view the short video titled Evaluating Student and Viewing Hiring History

 All feedback provided on the Employer Report will be retained in the system and can be printed for your records.  Please submit the Employer Report by the last week of the student's co-op term.

If you have any questions or concerns, you may call 513-556-0330 or email palhelp@uc.edu for technical assistance.