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What are the Benefits?

Companies participating in the international co-op program find that co-op students add a great deal to their organization. Students are cost-effective and productive - they work independently and take responsibility for a variety of projects. International co-op students:

  • are at the top of their class, highly motivated to succeed
  • speak the language
  • are sensitive to cultural differences
  • understand the benefits of diversity
  • are prepared to work in a competitive global market
  • are a cost-effective investment in your company's future
  • are poised to lead in business, industry and government

In addition, by hiring co-op students for a five-month international work period, employers gain a critical recruitment advantage necessary to hire these future leaders on a permanent basis.

  • The ICP is competitive and many of the University's best students are participants.
  • Students gain a crucial awareness of a culture other than their own and provide corporations with a resource on American language, culture, and history.
  • Students gain technical expertise on the job and at a nominal cost, provide companies with the services of bright, energetic employees.
  • Students and companies profit when ICP students upon graduation, are hired as employees with proven work habits and abilities as well as familiarity with company practices
  • Students receive over 300 hours of specialized language and culture training
  • Most significantly, ICP students contribute to the corporations an international business perspective, and contribute to the company's reputation as a promoter of international understanding and goodwill.