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"GE Aircraft Engine's experience with the UC international co-op program has been fantastic. The program administration brought a great deal of support and provided us with the assurance that students will have a strong language background, a good cultural understanding of what it is like to work in a foreign country, and will have attained certain academic standards. This puts the UC program above any that we could develop in-house."

John Schwenker, Leader, International Sourcing
General Electric Aircraft Engines, Cincinnati, Ohio, U.S.A.


"Delphi Packard Electric Systems is a global company with customers and operations around the world. We need people who are able to excel in the global marketplace and are finding them through programs like the UC's international co-op program. These types of programs provide students with opportunities to develop engineering knowledge and professional capabilities as well as language and cultural skills. When these students come to work at our company, either as a co-op or after graduation, they immediately add value."

Robert Chalker, Sales Manager
Delphi Automotive Systems, Troy, Michigan, U.S.A.


"BMW is gaining the following advantages from the employment of foreign students: enhancement of image and advertisement for BMW and its products, our employees are exposed to a new culture and are possibly more open to employment in other countries, an additional advantage surely is the employment applications from foreign students after they have graduated, especially those from English-speaking countries. It reinforces BMW's role as a 'global player' and enables us to react faster and more efficiently to situations in our factories in South Africa, USA, and England."

H. Nömayr, Dipl.-Ing
Leitung Chemielabor, Standort München
BMW AG, München, Germany


"While NKK may be known for its role in heavy industry, our ultimate mission is also to contribute to society by developing superior products and technologies. NKK's experience with the University of Cincinnati International Engineering Program has been fantastic. Through this program it is hoped that students will not only develop their technical knowledge in their chosen field but also enhance their awareness of the business style of a major foreign company. We do hope the students who graduate from this program will be the best partners of NKK in the future. Think together what technology can do for mankind and its planet!"

Naomasa Hashimoto, Assistant Manager Personnel Section
Research and Development Division, NKK Corporation, Kawasaki, Japan


"Ahresty is a leading die caster and secondary aluminum alloy ingot manufacturer, having overseas operations in many countries including the United States, in Wilmington, Ohio. We put priority on theory and originality for building quality products to satisfy the ever-growing demand of our customers' global needs. The UC's International Co-op Program opens up windows for cultural exchange, mutual understanding and knowledge sharing that benefits both the participating student and the host company. While working with our research engineers and resourceful technicians, students would learn techniques for transforming innovative ideas into concrete results that may pave the way for new technological breakthroughs."

Dr. Swapan K. Basu, Chief Research Engineer
Engineering Department, Ahresty Corporation, Tokyo Japan