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Division of Professional Practice

ICP Responsibilities

University Responsibilities

  • UC invests considerable resources to provide students with rigorous and effective education in the language, culture and history of their chosen country.

  • The International Co-op Program ensures the program is coordinated with the academic goals of the College of Engineering and Applied Science, the College of Business, and the College of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning.

  • UC assists companies with the completion of paperwork for visas and other required documents.

  • UC provides travel stipends when needed to minimize costs for students and companies.

Student Responsibilities

  • Students serve as positive representatives of the University of Cincinnati and the U.S.

  • Students share the knowledge and expertise gained through coursework and practical work experience in the U.S. to assist companies in meeting their goals.

  • Students commit the extra effort required to master a second language and complete two years of language, history and culture courses.

  • Students develop an understanding of and empathy for the people of other countries and create new constructive belief systems about these people and their cultures.

Company Responsibilities

  • Companies provide a meaningful work experience for approximately five months.

  • Companies assist in finding housing and provide a stipend to cover living expenses.