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Recruiting Students

There are several ways to recruit UC co-op students. The folllowing information provides a brief description regarding the different ways to recruit.To participate in any of the following recruiting steps, please contact your Professional Practice faculty advisor directly.

For more information regarding the best times to recruit, please review our Recruiting Calendar.

Post Your Position

Please go to www.uc.edu/PAL to create an account and post a position.  This will only take a few minutes of your time.  Once your position is approved, you’ll be notified when student resumes/portfolios are posted and ready to view.

Posting your position through our system is the best way to ensure it is visible to all available co-op students.

Schedule an On-Campus Information Session

On campus information sessions can be useful for generating interest in your firm as well as the positions you would like to fill. Your Professional Practice faculty advisor can notify students of your event.

Schedule an On-Campus Interview

Interviews can be scheduled to take place in the Joseph A. Steger Student Life Center on UC's Uptown Campus.  If you would like to come to campus to interview, please contact Patti Carroll by phone, 513-556-3061 or email, Patti.Carroll@uc.edu and she will set this up for you.

Schedule Interviews to Take Place at Your Office

If you are not able to get away from the office for the day, please feel free to schedule interviews to take place at your office. This is an excellent opportunity to show students where they will be working, and introduce them to the team!

Not Local? No Problem!

Can't get out of office, but not close enough to have students come to your office for interviews? This is no problem at all. We are happy to assist you with scheduling interviews to take place via the Internet or over the phone.

Participate in Other On-Campus Recruiting Events

UC offers a variety of career fairs through the individual colleges and our Career Development Center. We will make every effort to alert employers to upcoming recruiting opportunities.

Gretchen Dietz

Gretchen Dietz during her co-op with Delta Air Lines