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Division of Professional Practice


The mission of the UC ProPEL is to provide a premier global academic program of cooperative education. This pedagogic innovation had its founding at the University of Cincinnati in 1906. Through cooperative education the professional world partners with the university to integrate theory and practice. Supporting the university’s mission, cooperative education extends student learning beyond the classroom providing an enhanced educational experience which includes paid, discipline-related work experience to further students’ career preparation. While students are gaining practical experience in their chosen field, they acquire an understanding of the world of work, integrate theory and practice, and have the opportunity to further develop professional and interpersonal skills.


The UC ProPEL is comprised of a dedicated group of individuals, including a multidisciplinary faculty, staff and administrators who are committed to:

  • Leading and innovating in the discipline of cooperative education.
  • Developing the curriculum and teaching methodologies to enhance the integration of classroom learning with practical work-related experiences.
  • Creating mutually beneficial partnerships with employers, the community, alumni, academic departments, other universities and professional organizations.