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Student Testimonials

"Everyday is something new and different. This is hands-on engineering, in the field working with people."

Dave Forcum
Electrical Engineering


"Champlin and Haupt was a great place to start my first co-op experience. The firm was very welcoming and understanding. I felt like part of the team not just a co-op."

Melissa Smith
Bachelor of Science in Architecture


"My co-op was a dream come true."

Shelby Shenkelman
Operations Management


"Being able to work on a first name basis with many experienced PhD's in EE has given me an opportunity to learn more than I ever expected from a co-op experience."

John Reynolds
Electrical Engineering

"Working at GE has been a wonderful experience! It has given me the opportunity to expand and apply my knowledge, get exposed to various business processes and IT projects, meet and interact with key business people, and have a great time with the other co-ops!"

Shinoosh Shafie
Information Systems


"I have met so many great people down here, and have had the opportunity to try many new things, such as surfing. I have had a great time, and am really going to miss all of the friends I have made down here once I return to school."

Jessica Steinberger
Aerospace Engineering


"Working as a co-op for OPW Fueling Components has served me well. I feel that, in addition to increasing my understanding of aspects of the Information Technology field, the experience has provided me with considerable appreciation of the business logic that drives every decision IT professionals face. The support of the existing IT staff at OPW, as well as the other departments, has been extraordinary. From day to day, I find that the position grows with me at a pace that is suitably challenging and rewarding."

Steve Mitchell
Information Technology


"I enjoy my coop positron because I am given much independence and receive the opportunity to supervise manufacturing in construction of prototypes."

Adam Follrod
Aerospace Engineering

"The job stimulated my brain a lot and spread out to have me make use of many of the skills I learned in school. My responsibilities increased as time went on. With the valuable help and support of my supervisors I naturally and gradually felt like I can take on more work and more of the decision making and analysis work."

Tony Geara
Civil Engineering


"I learned a lot about the integration of various computer programs into the field of architecture. What can make a well designed project verses a flashy but shallow one. Most importantly I learned how important self motivation is. One person in particular showed me what a difference your own initiative can make to your career especially when extended over a period of time. I feel like this was a very important quarter for self growth and development."

Peter Muessing
Bachelor of Science in Architecture


"On co-op I have had great experiences meeting new people. I have had the chance to interact and work with people from all different places and with different heritages. The employees have diverse backgrounds with new and interesting experiences to share. The people that I have met, and the teamwork and people skills I have gained, will be something I will take away from this co-op use in any work environment that I am placed in."

Sarah Chester
Chemical Engineering

"From observing how my office functions, I learned a lot about what commitment it takes to have a firm with a good reputation for quality design. I got to see what it is to have a public image to uphold, and the commitment from the staff required to keep up to that standard of quality."

Sarah Pontius
Bachelor of Science in Architecture


"Co-op has allowed me to take what I learn in the class room and apply it in the field. This has allowed me to learn a lot more while working for Cinergy because I get a chance to be in an environment that I had only dreamed about. Not only do I get paid to learn but I'm also gaining experience that I can use when I graduate that makes me stand out more than an IT major from another school."

Mike Mayleben
Information Technology (networking track)