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Division of Professional Practice

Why Co-op at UC?

The co-op program at the University of Cincinnati is currently the largest co-op program at any public institution in the United States. Nobody knows cooperative education, its applications, and its payoffs better than we do. After all - we invented it!

  • The University of Cincinnati offers a balance of educational excellence and real-world experience.
  • UC has been the source of many discoveries that created positive change for society, including co-op education, the oral polio vaccine, the first electronic organ, the first safe anti-knock gasoline, and the first antihistamine.
  • The Cooperative Education Program is designed to provide the highest quality learning environment by offering an enhanced education and furnishing the most comprehensive professional preparation available to the students in the colleges it serves.

Co-op at UC because:

  • The centralized faculty provide one-on-one support to student learning and act as a liaison between the students and employers.
  • The integrated curriculum allows for the application of classroom theory into the practical work environment.
  • Mandatory co-op programs are structured in order to prepare students to enter co-op during the second academic year. This allows students to have a full year on campus and also complete basic coursework.
  • The focus on assessment and learning is paramount as students progress through multiple work terms.